Generational Effects

Single events that impact the genome, directly or via epigenetics, can be transmitted down through the generations.

In case this video is taken down by YouTube, it can also be found here along with a script summary.

Dr Zach Bush gives a great and inspirational lecture on the dangers of Glyphosate (active ingredient of RoundUp),  Dicamba and other AgroChemicals used on food crops, and how that information ties into the current Plandemic. 

Contra to the sales pitch the AgroChemical reps tell to the farmers, crop yields decrease instead of increase because the soil bacteria (vital to the plants) are killed.  The rise in a number of diseases in people and their geographical distribution (including autism and certain cancers) parallel the rise in the use and geographical usage of these chemicals too.  Having said that I don't think they are the total story. We cannot discount the role that the rise in childhood vaccination plays, or the parallel rise in Electromagnetic Radiation.  All 3 factors contribute in their own way to a steady decline in health and rise in chronic diseases, with the common denominator being that they are all toxic at the exposure levels they have reached. The use of all 3 is set to continue rise unless we do something in relation to this wake up call.

Going back to the AgoChemicals, studies that show changes in subsequent generations to those damaged by these chemicals initially are not allowed to be considered when renewing licences for these products.  The AgroChemical companies knew the dangers in advance and lobbied to ensure changes to legislation that mean they don't lose their Licences and profits. If there was ever any doubt, it is clear that financial profits are the only real consideration of these big conglomerates and corporations, proven by their blatant disregard for the fact that their products are killing their customers and consumers, and the land, and reducing food production at a time when we should be getting more efficient.

The fact that Bill Gates has invested hugely in Monsanto, supports GMO crops and widespread AgroChemical use despite the harm they do, and the reduction in yields, indicates his purely financial motivation too.  No wonder he is investing in frankenfood products, knowing that real food production is decreasing.  Talk about fixing the market! Only an idiot would consider he has anything other than the same motivation when it comes to what he supports in relation to human health, such as vaccines.  He has invested hugely in them, and has previously claimed a 20:1 ROI even before he was pushing for the new gene therapy pseudo-vaccines.

The link to the current Plandemic situation comes because the CRISPR techniques used to genetically modify the plants to resist the AgroChemicals, so that they can be used in large volume, are the same ones used to give gain of function to the SARS-CoV2 in the Wuhan laboratory. The addition of the HIV retrovirus domain, the cobra venom neurotoxic domain and the Prion-formation promoting domain to the Spike Protein are what make the spike protein the most dangerous and disease-inducing aspect of both the natural SARS-CoV2 infection and pseudo-vaccination. That anybody willingly allows themselves to be injected with such experimental products beggars belief, and smacks of unnecessary desperation. It's just not worth it folks. I was tempted to write "it's not worth the risk", but I think it's a greater certainty than just a risk...

When we now look at the various mRNA/DNA gene therapy pseudo-vaccines, it has been shown that there is undeniable ability for this genetic material to be incorporated into the recipient's genome.  It may not happen in every cell /tissue in everybody, but there will be sufficient to cause long term irreparable harm depending on which organs/tissues it is incorporated into initially.  The more "boosters" people have the more this is likely too, and in more tissues.  Life expectancy predictions for recipients varies from about 1-5 years according to different experts.  Prion formation adverse effects may not even take this long.  We also know that there will be epigenetic influences that they alter too.  mRNA has many more roles in the body such as cell signalling and epigenetic regulation than just the protein template aspect that the public have been led to believe is the sole function. Add new mRNA with or without altering the genome and altered epigenetic influences cannot be avoided that can be communicated down the generations from a single encounter. That's what glyphosate teaches us is possible.

If we consider what we know from plant GMO history and transpose that into the new GMO humans produced by these experimental pseudo-vaccine products, there are a number of sequelae, some of which haven't really been touched on at all yet in discussions up to now.

  1. DNA/mRNA incorporated into recipient genome continues to produce spike proteins that can potentially induce auto-immune reactions against the various different tissues and proteins found to have sufficiently similar structure to invite self-attack.   Antibodies against the spike protein produced by the body have been found to have varying degrees of affinity to 10 different tissues and 26 different proteins that naturally occur in the body depending on which paper you read. The severity and impact of the auto-immune disease will depend on which tissue(s) the body is induced to self-attack.
  2. Continued immune stimulation risks subsequent Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). This was known from past SARS vaccine attempts and a Dengue Fever vaccine that killed 2 children in trials before being stopped..
  3. Changes in epigenetic regulation potentially induces currently unpredicted responses in both the recipient and future generations, assuming younger recipients are still able to breed.  Such adverse reactions have a tendency to increase in severity with each new generation.
  4. Sideways movement of new genetics is most definitely possible, and can potentially move into and alter microbiome organisms, and from them move to other tissues too.  Our understanding of the microbiome is still increasing, but already we know it impacts multiple areas of physical and mental health.  Disruption of the microbiome will therefore have potential influences on all areas associated with it.  This potential is the one that hasn't really been touched on yet. Once the genie is out of the bottle and spike proteins are being generated somewhere in the body, the potential for that to spread to other tissues without further "vaccination" and potentially down through the generations is likely to have increasingly grave implications for the future of the human species.  Certainly population expansion is likely to be significantly curtailed at best.  Significant depopulation is considerably more likely.  When were predicting an 80% population reduction in the UK and USA by 2025 (down to 14m and 99m respectively)  I doubt they took all of the above into consideration, and I suspect other countries they predicted would maintain populations better may well face equally large reductions.
  5. Sideways spread of the genetics that instruct spike protein formation, from "vaccinated" to  the non-GMO members of the population, is another unknown and may be possible both directly and/or via microbiome vectors.  This is a separate issue from spike protein shedding that I suspect isn't likely to be bad as some are predicting, except under certain circumstances of intimate contact.

The positive takeaway from Dr Zach's lecture is that contra to what we are being led to believe that viruses are evil and zero-virus is desirable, it is highly possible and probable that our salvation may lie with hitherto unidentified virus(es). We have evolved because of viral genetic inclusion and maybe one of these will prove to be the antidote to the threat posed by the creation of GMO spike protein humans. Nature often holds the answer to a problem seemingly created within itself. The solution to the currently developing disaster is probably already in existence, and is far more likely to materialise and evolve naturally than be developed by humans. We can but hope that it happens in sufficient time to save us, ... as long as 5G doesn't accelerate the downwards spiral too fast.... but that's another blog for another day.