NWO History

The background to what is currently occurring

New World Order (NWO) History

If you disbelieve the idea that there are a group of elite individuals and families who have run the world behind the scenes, I suggest you read this detailed documentation of their history from the CIA library.  Domination was easier when the masses were uneducated, when the rich and powerful were allowed to mistreat and suppress their workers. Workers of all creeds and colours were slaves to the elite, whether they thought they were free or not. 

Modern levels of education, workers rights, past freedom of information and the fact that we are the 99% has lead to the current situation I believe, where the elite perhaps feel more threatened, or simply that the technology has developed to the point where their long term goal that has always been, is now considered an achievable end. As the above document demonstrates, the control of the elite has been around for centuries, and there have been a number of attempts to establish their New World order


The idea of starting an elitist population probably came to the fore in mass population consciousness with the advent of Eugenics.  The idea behind Eugenics and selective human breeding dates back to before Plato around 400 BC.  Slave traders historically selectively bred Irish girls with African men, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the term eugenics was established and discussed on a wider basis.  It became a popular concept in the early 20th century amongst the aristocracy throughout Europe. There is more detail on Wikipedia here

Eugenics is most widely recognised in association with Nazi Germany and Hitler in the 1930s, through WW2.  Hitler was a white supremacist who had a selective breeding program in his bid to establish an Aryan “master race”, typified by blonde-haired, blue-eyed individuals. Was it for her Aryan-like appearance that Greta Thunberg was chosen to front the Global Warming scam?

Hitler, through Joseph Mengele, thought nothing of experimenting on people the Nazis considered lesser people.  It was to prevent such experimenting in future that the Nuremberg Code established that it goes against Human Rights to experiment on people without providing full disclosure of all the facts and risks before they give their consent of their own free will. 

The current ongoing experimentation on the world population in the name of SARS-CoV2 isn’t the first offence against this. Bill Gates has been credibly accused of crimes against humanity in the past in India and Africa where vaccines were reportedly used to sterilise groups of children.  Others died and many have been left with significant vaccine injuries.  The current dominant strain of Polio has evolved from the vaccines that the B&MGF has been spreading.  These crimes are under ongoing investigation in those regions.

Contra to his claims of innocence, Bill Gates has also invested in new technologies to use vaccination as a way of introducing widespread digital identities (including microchips) that can be used to identify and control individuals or groups through the technology the vaccine has introduced. Microsoft has patented a method through an implant, of using human activities to mine a digital currency. Such a system is totally open to abusive control too of course.  When such abuse is possible, it is only a matter of time before it is.

The flip side of Eugenics and breeding super-humans is depopulation of those deemed less worthy.  The increasing world population has led to the idea that the world is incapable of supporting the population rather than recognise that there are inadequacies in food production and distribution made worse by agrochemicals, conglomerate and corporate greed and the increasing concentration of wealth in an ever-smaller number of elite families and oligarchs etc.

It is surprising (or not) how many of the predominant characters in the 2020 Plandemic have family histories and past comments tied into Eugenics including China, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Boris Johnson. Bill Gates comes from a family associated with Eugenics where his father was on the Board of Planned Parenthood, a rebranded organisation birthed out of the American Eugenics Society.  Boris Johnson has written of his concerns about population growth and the need for population control.

The Georgia Guidestones, erected in 1980 by an unknown man who used a pseudonym for his dealings, has 10 rules in 8 different languages. The first states that the World Population must be reduced and maintained under 500m, equivalent to a reduction of over 90% of the world. 

The second rule states the control of human breeding as a goal which is surely the definition of eugenics. Who decides who lives, or who may have children together, or does this refer to lab-generated bio-engineered babies? However desirable and reasonable the other 8 rules may seem, these 2 rules must be considered a warning.

Of course, the scripts don’t go into any detail about how the depopulation might be achieved, but it’s becoming clearer as it is being rolled out now…


Technocracy was originally defined as government by technicians who are guided solely by the imperatives of their technology, ie Government is formed by people who are not democratically elected politicians, but unelected experts in certain key areas of knowledge such economics, medicine etc who then determine what the rest of the population should do and think. The concept was developed in the United States early in the 20th century as an expression of the Progressive movement and became a subject of considerable public interest in the 1930s at a similar time to Eugenics.  The idea never fully gained acceptance so was never put into practice. It fell back into the shadows where it has remained below the political surface as an ultimate goal by the elite to create their idea of what we should consider to be a Utopia to serve themselves.

The UN and its associated groups such as the WHO, have also played a significant role in the planning and development of the current situation. Dating back to the late 1940s after WW2, then Agenda 2021, later replaced by Agenda 2030, the UN is seemingly a part of the drive for a NWO.

Is it coincidence that the current leader of the WHO was a member of what the USA regards as a terrorist political party in Ethiopia (who was charged with corruption in Office) at a time when the WHO has played a pivotal unethical role in driving the current Plandemic? If they are truly science driven, why do they allow such influence from Bill Gates, a billionaire with no medical or scientific qualifications that would justify him having any say whatsoever in anybody's health but his own, let alone World health, especially when he is not a philanthropist but an investor with massive conflicts of interest in every area he is involved with?

The advent of computers, robotics and the concept of Artificial Intelligence has been adopted by the technocracy movement to the point where it has evolved to include Transhumanism, where people will be given microchip implants, or otherwise influenced/controlled by supercomputers. It begs the questions where does freedom of expression and spirituality come into this model? Who has asked the people if this is what WE want?

Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by David Rockerfeller as an elitist guiding group who have a declared intention in moving towards and establishing a New World Order.  The Club of Rome was a subset of this group, who in the early 1990s, decided that the New World Order required a campaign behind which to unite people into demanding the Technocratic New World Order they sought to establish. The following video is a brief but inciteful glimpse into the Trilateral Commission and their aims.

Ignoring the real science and the Climate Change warnings of the time that were predicting a new Ice Age, they made CO2 and Global Warming the new doom and gloom, blaming it on anything and everything that created the narrative to drive their ultimate NWO cause.  The supposed threat to planet Earth and the human race has been used to increase taxes on fossil fuels, demonise livestock farming and drive people away from truly healthy eating. It has created Government grants for rich landowners to set up “green” energy alternatives that the masses pay for through taxes. 

The following video of a presentation by Dr Happer gies a seldom-seen insight into the true science.

Climate Change has been used to turn children against adults on the background of liberal education and political correctness taken to extremes. It isn’t difficult to see how blame culture has been used to make the current and past adult generations into objects of disrespect with regard to future planetary survival. It sets up the situation where children are far more likely and prepared to report their parents for misdemeanours as predicted by George Orwell in his book 1984. It is disturbing to see how accurately he predicted what is currently unfolding, if we allow it. 

Whilst nobody can deny that less pollution in the air and seas can only be a good thing, it does not justify twisting the science to suit.  Ironically, the WEF “partners” include conglomerates who are guilty of being some of the biggest polluters in the world. They are also guilty of suppressing “green” technology such as free energy, vehicles that use water for fuel etc that we know has been developed. The know-how and resources are already available to cut much of the world’s pollution if only they were unsuppressed and adopted now.

Patrick Wood is one of the world’s experts on the history and evolution of Technocracy and the Trilateral Commission. He has done 2 great interviews with James Delingpole on where this has come from and where it is headed.

World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab founded the WEF having been a part of the Club of Rome. WEF membership and his Davos annual meetings aren’t cheap to attend, yet Government officials (at our expense) and top level Execs from major corporations have been regular attendees. There they have been schooled and brainwashed into thinking along the same totalitarian Technocracy lines as Schwab.

Schwab was a pupil of Henry Kissinger, himself an admirer of Mao Tse-tung, Communist China and a long-time advocate of the New World Order. Schwab has publicly credited him as one the 3 great influences in his life.  It is therefore no surprise that Schwab supports China and has openly called for China to play a leading role in the future NWO. Throughout the Plandemic he has consistently ignored the science and pushed his Great Reset agenda for the 4th Industrial Revolution on the basis that there is “a narrow window of opportunity” to demolish the old in order to make space to roll in his new vision for what he thinks we should all see as Utopia.  He has completely bought into Transhumanism as this interview from 2016 makes clear. Who gave him the right to influence our futures in this way?

Equally of concern is the UK government association with the WEF, Klaus Schwab and Davos.  There are Government pages on the Great Rest and the 4th Industrial Revolution which indicate how much the UK has been secretly signed up to all the changes threatened in the name of progress.



Universal Basic Income

Wales has recently announced that it will trial a system of Universal Basic Income (UBI) whereby everybody receives a survival payment that pays the mortgage/rent, bills and rudimentary food etc. Of course, it all has to be paid for – there’s no such thing as a free lunch. What isn’t made clear, and probably won’t be until it is already established and a fait accompli, is that if the Government pays your mortgage, they own your home and any other assets they take over the payments for. It is the thin end of the wedge that leads to CCP Social Scoring.

"You will own nothing and be happy"


The quote above is threatening to come to pass, although there are no guarantees we will be happy. The WEF rather glosses over the fact that if you own nothing, the elite, by default, own everything.

Where does China fit in?

It is no coincidence about the involvement of China either. China has been planning on taking over the world in the name of Communism for decades as this analysis of the situation explains.

It isn’t by chance that there are CCP moles in top positions that influence every important aspect of our lives. In 2020, a document came to light that named CCP members in high up positions throughout the world – in the highest levels politics, business, research, education etc.  In the ancient Chinese manuscript “The Art of War” attributed to the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, there are too many quotes to list that could be attributed to the current situation. Apart from the one in the banner above, a couple of others are worthy of note. “If a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it” and “Every battle is won before it starts”.  There is no doubt that SARS-CoV2 was a deliberately engineered bioweapon at Wuhan, and judging from these 2 quotes, it’s highly unlikely it was released by accident given what has transpired since.  It is now clear that the pictures of Chinese citizens dropping dead like flies in the streets were clearly faked for effect.  Knowing how their enemy would react. China set up the rest of World to undermine itself, helped by key people in key positions who have driven the fear-mongering and brain-washing. 

Be under no doubt, this is WW3, fought not with guns and bullets but with stealth, strategy and careful planning.  The direction we are headed, towards a totalitarian technocracy is plain to see, and as I will show in a future Blog, the Plandemic is being used to further that goal in double-quick time in line with another instruction from the Art of War.

If we are to successfully maintain our inalienable rights we need to resist now and say no.


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