Sickness is Health

How disease is intended to fuel the economy.

Sickness is Health

In 1984, George Orwell explained the rationale behind various Ministries of the Big Brother Government. However, had he been writing 2022 instead of 1984 he may well have replaced the Ministry of War with the Ministry of Health based on the ideology that “Sickness is health”.  Let me explain…

Orwell’s “war is peace” was founded on the concept that if the country is at war with another nation, then people in the home country are less disruptive, and reluctant to be seen to be undermining the bigger war effort. What Orwell’s statement does not immediately reveal is the part that war plays in a country’s economics. War creates huge debt which is the basis for the FIAT ponzi scheme our financial system is based upon. It makes money for the elite who control money, as both sides of a war must be financed. The Rothschilds, and other families with claws into all aspects of finance, famously lent money to both sides of various wars throughout the centuries. The other role of war is that it stimulates innovation, and the development of new ideas and technologies. This progresses into manufacturing and then the widening of their remit to peaceful applications. War therefore has a huge knock-on effect for increased employment in all associated fields. In bygone days when wars were fought more face to face, they also reduced the population of the young men and thus controlled population growth, not just through those who died in combat but through removing them from procreation. Modern warfare has changed considerably. War is now so much more technologically advanced, and with WMDs too, that conflicts are ever more distant, destructive, and extreme.  Consequently, the past methods of fighting and the public acceptance of conflicts has changed beyond recognition.

As Dr Zach Bush explains in the video below, this war-driven economy has largely reached its natural conclusion. Wars are fought very much less frequently, and technology etc is advancing in many directions that no longer need wars to drive them. Add into the mix that the financial ponzi scheme is already collapsing as it has a choice between hyper-inflation or negative interest rates, neither of which are sustainable, and it makes perfect logic to shift the burden of supporting the economy away from war in order to try to maintain the current system into a new era. This is the one main area that George Orwell failed to predict.

Let’s be very clear about one thing even in the current situation. The National Health Service is not about delivering health; it’s about managing sickness. Health in itself will not be seen as a driver of the economy in the system that Dr Bush identifies. Vaccines are seen as the perfect never-ending war equivalent to generate income for the elite who own the Pharmaceutical companies, whilst creating continuous Government debt to try to maintain support for the ongoing financial ponzi scheme during the intended financial transition to a centralised digital currency. In this way, the poor get poorer as their money is worth increasingly less, although salaries sound like they’re rising, so everybody is happy…. not!!  As I’ve said before, those who are lucky enough to have savings, and who wish to maintain them, should seriously think about diversifying, so that should Governments seize our FIAT money, there is ability to survive outside of this system.

Getting back on topic, if everyone is healthy, they don’t require treatment, so there’s no repeat suppressive medication sales that expand. Healthy people produce more children, eat more and live longer. It’s great for the individual, but it doesn’t support Pharma or a Pharma-based economy.

The current sickness-based medical system thrives on an ongoing and increasing demand for consumables. Pharma controls the narrative because they make and sell drugs to treat the sick. Their perfect member of society requires increasing medication throughout their life on an ongoing basis. Ideally (for them) there is a cascade of pharmaceuticals that suppress the symptoms of a disease without curing it, and that over time, creates one or more side-effects, that in turn require more suppressive medication, that generate another set of side-effects etc. This cycle is repeatable and scalable.

The limiting factor is that only a proportion of society are ill, and there is a higher expectation of quality of life, and a greater awareness of what keeps people healthy.  People are also more litigiously minded when it comes to holding Pharma to account, especially when they can be shown to have manipulated results and suppressed dangers as they have been fined for in the past.

In 1986, vaccine manufacturers successfully lobbied for laws to be passed that gave them immunity from prosecution and there was a massive expansion in the use of vaccines in children from that point forward.  There has been a parallel explosion of diseases that the manufacturers deny are linked, not because they would have to pay out, but because it would reduce uptake (profits). That’s another story, and as usual there are other parallel explosions in the use of glyphosate, EMFs etc that are all contributory in my opinion. This lets none of them off the hook, but the reductionist scientific mentality, where everything has to be precisely apportioned, is a major barrier to sufferers obtaining justice, and all contributors being recognised and held to account.

So, getting back to recent times in 2019, the economy was approaching a major risk of collapse, and a diversion was required to mask and justify switching the economy to a centralised digital currency. If the required for change in the support of the new economy could be achieved at the same time, it would kill 2 birds with one stone, and the smoke and mirrors required to sell the ideas to the largely unsuspecting public would be achieved simultaneously.

A pandemic of a new SARS-CoV that was to be dispersed from China via the Military Games in October 2019 didn’t exactly go to plan, as part of the intended coups in different key countries was discovered and prevented, but not before some of the attending military personnel had become infected. This is how the virus came to be already found in other countries before the “discovery” in Wuhan. The rest is history, although the Ministry of Truth have attempted to cover the originally intended origins.

The new mRNA gene therapies had already been lined up of course. They were supposed to be the perfect answer to establishing the new Pharma-based economy because everybody would be jabbed in their perfect new world order.  Profits would be sequentialy increased by mandating more jabs and other treatments such as statins in subsequent years. Medications to treat the side-effects (as has happpened with Pfizer's anti-clotting medication) would increase profits too.

It hasn’t gone to plan.  As time has passed, the dangers and ineffectiveness of the COVID jabs have been revealed, despite the suppression of information by MSM. Only this last week on GB News, Dr Aseem Malhotra, a consultant cardiologist revealed how some cardiovascular researchers are fearful of publishing results that indicate the responsibility that the new jabs have for the increases in myocarditis etc for fears of losing funding for future research. 

In the meantime, a large number of adults, and now increasingly, younger children have been made dependent on ongoing jabs because the damage they do to the immune system is such that they are being told they need to keep taking boosters in order to maintain “protection”. The gap between boosters has gone from annual to 6-monthly, but I predict even that will reduce further.

The arrogance in thinking that these new world order systems could be introduced without the public realising is becoming their undoing. Puppet Governments are having to resort to mandating COVID Passports and jabs, against all the science, in order to try to achieve full submission. These attacks on our freedoms and rights are not going unnoticed of course, and I suspect they didn’t realise how ineffective the jabs would be, and how many side-effects etc they would cause. The ideal for the elite would have been a largely uneventful and unremarkable transition that would have then given themselves time to establish their regime before implementing the next stages. Their mistakes are being revealed as they go along.

In the latest Ministry of Truth failure, history wasn’t altered quickly enough on the WHO website. The Moronic (Omicron) variant that I suspect will be used to justify the next Christmas lockdown, was originally recognised in November 2020 and isn’t quite as “new” as BoJo et al would have us believe.  The WHO website has now been “adjusted” to fit the desired narrative as the 2 pictures below are testament to. The first picture was the original screenshot (not done by me) that cut off the last column of the table, and is a lower resolution. It shows that Omicron was originally identified in Nov 2020, and not Nov 2021 as it has been changed to in the lower screenshot captured by me today.

Many have noticed that Omicron is an anagram of Moronic, which is rather apt, but fewer will realise the more sinister anagram “oncomir” – a microRNA that is associated with cancer. How apt given the suppression of P53 that I have previously written about. In truth, the Omicron variant does not warrant the knee-jerk reactions that many puppet Governments are taking. It’s all part of the incessant diatribe and leverage that is being applied to those who refuse the jabs. The cancelling of Christmas will be used to further divisions between the jabbed and unjabbed. We must resist this attack on our solidarity both as individuals and as Community. Bear in mind also that this variant supposedly found in Botswana comes from Africa where both the jab rate and case rates are very low.  Pure coincidence don't y'know!!

It is important to end on an uplifting note and I commend the following interview with Ike Novikoff from Finland as a way that we should be considering how to best move forward. Enjoy!


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