Technocracy begins

The road to Social Scoring is announced

Technocracy begins

For months, I and others have been warning about the intention to use "this narrow window of opportunity" that the Plandemic has created, to move the World into the 4th Industrial Revolution via "The Great Reset".  We were labelled as conspiracy theorists for pointing out what Klaus Schwab and the WEF have been talking about for years. Every year they have beguiled and entertained World Leaders of Governments and Industry at Davos whilst they have been sowing the seeds in preparation in readiness for their current actions.

In past Facebook posts and Blogs I have included videos by IceAgeFarmer who has warned of food shortages that are starting to occur, amongst other technocratic intentions.  Yuval Noah Harari has spoken at Davos and other WEF meetings on a number of occasions at which he has indicated where he believes a Technocratic Society is headed with seemingly no say from the people, as if it is inevitable.  If people don't wake up to how much technology has developed to enable this to become a reality, he may well be right. I believe there is still time to reject this utter control, but we need to remember the Slowly, slowly catchy monkey approach and stop what's coming now at the early stages. The following latest video by IceAgeFarmer features such predictions by Harari and comment from Schwab who's vision this is...

Foundations for Social Scoring initiated

This week Mastercard announced what is effectively the first step towards Social Scoring with the coming of a new credit card that looks at their calculation for the carbon footprint for whatever is purchased and stops you purchasing beyond your set carbon footprint limit.  It doesn't say if everybody is allocated the same limits, or whether this is arbitrarily calculated based on your salary or perceived worth to society, but clearly it will be the wealthy elite who can afford to top up their carbon footprint allowance, and bypass the system that will keep the plebs under control - those who cannot afford to fly longhaul on holiday, take the car for weekend getaways and buy daily meat in their groceries. It's not hard to see how this control could easily be widened into the full CCP Social Scoring system already in existence in China. 

Initially, the card will be introduced as a voluntary scheme, but once those who see fit to glue themselves to the fast lane of the M25 etc have bought into the scam, it will be widened and all credit cards will use Climate Change as the excuse to leverage in what amounts to Social Scoring. I can see the time when certain political and/or social activities will be rewarded or penalised with the addition or subtraction of "Carbon Points" according to your good or bad behaviour.  The political agenda behind Climate Change is moving even more into the open, and yet still some people cannot apparently see it.

Not only will you "own nothing and be happy", but you will have no soul and no free will either.   With Canada advertising for someone to develop a centralised digital currency that doesn't rely on people having a mobile phone or bank account, it isn't hard to work out that there are very few possible solutions, with the most obviously intended one being an implanted microchip. It's not a new revelation that the mark of the beast is waiting round the corner!

Diversify your Savings

Of course, we currently have a choice about whether to accept the first step on the slippery slope. Nobody with half a brain cell should even consider having one of these carbon footprint Mastercards.  I would urge people to do whatever we can to keep cash and diversify your savings and investments. Supporting decentralised cryptocurrencies helps counter the control that centralised currencies threaten.  Stick to the main ones such as Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Polkadot and maybe one or 2 others that are backed by a tangible asset. GSX is backed by a gold mine and other mining rights.  It is available to buy through Bitmart or direct from the GSX website. GSX held on Bitmart makes the holder eligible to win more GSX in the current $10k giveaway. There are no doubt some others that are more asset-backed too.

As I've said before, beware the coming hyper-inflation and recession that many are predicting could be on a scale not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  With so much Government counterfeiting going on in the name of quantitative easing (QE) on top of global debts outstripping the available global money and assets, some banks are inevitably going to go under. Unlike in the late noughties when Governments bailed out the banks, the law has been changed to enable "bail in" - ie banks charge people to save with them and effectively seize their customers' savings.  

Those who have some savings may consider buying up precious metals such as gold, silver and/or platinum. Unfortunately, you cannot use your SIPP. allows small investors to buy small amounts of bullion at the best dealer prices with very small commission charges (0.5%). They can hold your precious metals in bonded vaults so you don't have to pay VAT unless you want to collect it. You can buy/sell and play the markets through your account pages on their website.  There are predictions of precious metal prices going to the moon in anticipation of the bottom falling out of the Stock markets! At the time of writing, silver is currently around $22.50/oz. Predictions have suggested it could rise to around $600/oz, making it a great prospect for the next couple of years. Of course it's all speculation and nobody has a crystal ball to know for certain.  I'm not a financial advisor but it would seem prudent to spread your risk.

Finances aside, people need to see what's behind any suggested legislation from COVID Passports to backdoor mandating of jabs etc. These measures are often "leaked" first to gauge the publics' feelings and to see how much leverage and manipulation is going to be required to bring measures in later, and how.  It's exactly the same as dangling the carrot of hope knowing they're going to snatch it away, but in reverse. Once you know the tactic it's easy to spot.

Legal hope

It was heartening this last week to see the videos by Reiner Fuellmich telling us of his work to date, and knowing that he is going to progress action through the Courts as quickly as possible. Likewise, Anna de Buisseret and other lawyers in the UK are on the case here more specifically. Unfortunately, they couldn't get a ruling against jabbing 12-15 year olds yet, but they're working on it.  It won't be too soon either, when the likes of Tony Blair are calling for jabs from the age of 2 years old. It's about time he saw the inside of the dock in court.

I remain confident that good will win in the end, but we cannot be complacent.  We need to keep our ears open, and our eyes peeled to see what's planned. Israel and Australia seem to be where totalitarian measures are being rolled out first, unfortunately for their citizens, but forewarned is forearmed for us.  It never hurts to follow the old Scout maxim "Be prepared".   We need to be prepared in more ways than one too. As we come into autumn and winter, we are approaching the normal seasons for flu and coronavirus infections. Cases will inevitably rise as they have done for every year since records began, but we must expect blame to be laid at the feet of the unjabbed, and pressure brought to bear. If ADE increases as a result of meeting wild SAS-CoV2 variants amongst the jabbed, the number of deaths is likely to rise too, and will be unlikely to be properly ascribed to the true cause. Threats are likely to be made, and we'll need to stand firm and hold our nerve. Ultimately, we still have human rights on our side and bullies often back down in the face of resistance.

So be brave and keep to what you know is right. There are more people waking up here, and more countries around the World too. Keep the faith my friends, and together we'll come through this to a better future.



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