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Just to get things straight at the start, I’m not an “Anti-vaxxer” – the divisive and derogatory term used by ignoramuses to describe those of us who have done our research, and who are very much pro-health from an informed perspective.

The theory behind vaccination is based on sound principles along which our immune system naturally gives us future immunity from disease after having encountered it. The problem is that the scientists haven’t fully mastered how to safely manipulate the immune system without creating other problems alongside it, whether from the vaccine antigen (the bit of pathogen that the body reacts with to generate antibodies), or the other chemical ingredients used to stimulate the immune response (called adjuvants), or contaminants which shouldn’t be there anyway.  When some antigens used in making vaccines are grown in eggs, or cell cultures and delivered with adjuvants containing peanut oil, we really shouldn’t be surprised when the immune response extends past the antigen to the adjuvant ingredients and sets the body up for peanut or egg allergies or autoimmune disorders. When blatantly toxic ingredients such as mercury are used, and cumulatively through multiple jabs the toxin levels exceed the toxic threshold for an adult, we really shouldn’t be surprised when babies/children show symptoms from such toxicity.

For some diseases, the benefit of vaccination for some individuals may outweigh their risk in which case individuals should be given the opportunity to make their decision based on being fully informed. There is after all, no such thing as zero risk, so we need to decide what is the route of least risk for each of us.  Maybe if medicine recognised this, and instead of chasing the $£€, they worked out what tests (if any) could be developed/used to help us make a more informed individual choice and less risky individual decisions, then we’d all feel that much safer and reassured that they truly have our best interests at heart.   

Vaccine definition

I wonder how much vaccine manufacturers will rue the day they agreed to the definition of a vaccine being changed to include the new previously unsuccessfully tested mRNA gene therapies? The previous definition specified that the antigen was a component of the vaccine itself, and was therefore introduced in a known way and specific amount that could be properly quality-controlled. The new definition allows for the mRNA/DNA technology to hijack the body’s cells to manufacture a novel protein with no off switch, and no prior knowledge as to the long term effects of carrying out such a procedure. The mRNA instructions have no off switch because they substituted the uridine bases which are recognised by the cellular protein-manufacturing process for pseudouridine that isn’t.

The idea to get the body to manufacture the very spike protein known to cause harm was crass stupidity in the first place. They told us it wouldn’t stray from the site of injection as if the lymphatic system would stop functioning in a way it had never done before. Everybody knows that if you inject an antibiotic into the muscle it spreads around the body. They told us it couldn’t reverse into our genome which was proven incorrect when it did so into liver cell DNA in culture.

You’d expect a high level of mRNA quality control for something that is going to instruct your cells, yet this varies between about 55% and 85%. This means that cells could be making nothing with the 45-15% that doesn’t accurately code for the spike protein, or it might produce something close but different, but nobody knows!! We already know that spike protein mimics 28 different naturally occurring proteins in the body to varying degrees that could potentially set people up for auto-immune diseases in future, but if the “nearly” spike proteins similarly mimic the same or other naturally occurring proteins in the body then this risk is amplified and it may even be a closer match?  You might think therefore that its better if the poor quality control mRNA doesn’t code for anything, but as Dr Ryan Cole points out in this video interview, short length RNA sequences can increase cancer, and we know the spike protein suppresses the P53 natural cancer defence mechanism too. Other alterations to the mRNA generated spike protein were found to potentially interfere with genome expression. Whichever way you look at it, deliberately increasing the levels of spike protein in the body and altering it in ways they didn’t fully understand has to be one of the most ill-thought out and stupid things the COVID jab scientists ever thought of, unless it’s a deliberate ploy of course.

From Pfizer’s own data it is clear that the efficacy was vastly over-stated in ways that they didn’t even test for, ie stopping transmission, and vastly under-stated the adverse events, not only to adults but with regards to pregnancy and children too. Clearly, those who were supposed to review the submitted data prior to issuing an emergency authorisation didn’t look very hard or thoroughly.

When the spike protein has now been shown to preferentially travel to the liver, spleen, ovaries and testes and has been found by German pathologists to be manufactured in brain tissue, not to mention the strange fibrous clots in major blood vessels, and innumerable microclots throughout the body, the idea that any official or scientist is still claiming they’re safe and effective is nothing short of criminal gross negligence at best.

A number of studies are finding evidence that D-dimer and Troponin (markers for clots and cardiovascular damage respectively) are raised in a very high proportion of (if not all, had they been measured on day 1 after being jabbed) recipients of whom over 2% had evidence of significant myocarditis. Interestingly, in a Swiss study of health workers, it was mostly women who showed myocarditis, which is different from previous findings that young males (16-24) are at greatest risk from the COVID jabs. There may be sampling, or other reasons for this seeming reversal in gender risk that I’m not aware of, but the take home message must be that there is significant risk of heart damage that is permanent for some according to early indications. When the incidence of myocarditis etc has been shown to rise only in those who have been jabbed, but not after natural infection, the blame for the increased cardiovascular incidents lands fairly and squarely at the door of the jabs.

Nobody yet knows the long term implications of the microclots and cardiovascular damage that doesn’t indicate myocarditis. It may appear to resolve, but does it totally? Everywhere? Logically, we know the heart damage is only part of the picture and that endothelial damage and microclots will definitely be present elsewhere.  The pertinent question must be “Why won’t this be significant at some point?”. The appearance and rise of Sudden Adult Death syndrome must surely be considered indicative of increased risk. Everybody hopes not, but there are numerous videos on the www of people suddenly keeling over for no apparent good reason, too many athletes collapsing on the field of play and excess deaths in all age groups that seem to mirror the COVID jab uptake in the respective countries.

Proper scientific procedure dictates that at the very least these novel jabs should be put on hold pending further evaluation. Another vaccine in the past was withdrawn when only 53 people died. I say “only” as a comparison with the huge numbers of deaths reported on the various adverse reaction schemes in multiple countries as a result of the COVID jabs. Of course, any death from what should have been a voluntary medical intervention is significant and a tragedy for all involved, especially when it occurs in those who started out very healthy with no comorbidities and a robust immune system that didn’t need any help in reality.

Prof John Ioannides has published his latest figures for the infection fatality rate (IFR) from SARS-CoV2 by age stratification which demonstrates how unnecessary the fast track mRNA jabs really were/are.

IFR % by age range
Age IFR %
0-19 0.0003
20-29 0.003
30-39 0.011
40-49 0.035
50-59 0.129
60-69 0.501

And still the jabs are being rolled out and pushed by Governments and so-called health authorities around the world. Why is this?

Follow the money

Many of those who are awake, twigged the politics and greed behind vaccination very early on. Bill Gates has invested $bns in vaccination programs and vaccine developments. He famously boasted that they’re the best investment he ever did as a 20:1 ROI. Of course, he’s using his wealth to stack the cards in his favour. I see it as little difference to insider trading, but on a grand open scale. 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was a GAVI founder. Bill Gates has “donated” heavily to GAVI and the WHO, and used the influence this gave him to push the vaccination agenda, knowing that he’ll get his money back multiplied many times over via profits from vaccine sales in due course. The immunity from prosecution, tax exemption and protection that GAVI and Pharma vaccine manufacturing enjoys effectively safeguards the money invested in vaccines. Investors see every individual on the planet as a potential recipient, not just of one vaccine, but multiple courses over many years. Gates isn’t alone in pushing this agenda. Others like the Rockerfeller Foundation helped found the Children’s Vaccination Initiative that morphed into GAVI, no doubt with the same investment slant in the background, dressed up as pseudo-philanthropy.

No doubt there will be those who think this statement is out of order, sour grapes or whatever, but those who have truly looked into the whole vaccination issue know too that those monied Foundations and individuals who have invested in vaccines must also know that they are fundamentally flawed.  As the excellent new book Turtles all the Way Down exposes, the whole vaccine industry is founded on a fundamental failure to prove safety whilst deliberately obfuscating and manipulating trials to hide this fact and the vaccine injuries that are being caused but denied. Bill Gates can’t go around the world advising Governments on health despite his total lack of medical training and understanding whilst at the same time claiming ignorance of the lack of vaccine safety, and/or lack of due diligence prior to investment. Ditto other major investors such as the Rockerfeller Foundation who are heavily involved in the whole Pharma world, and have been since the early 20th century when they used their financial clout to rid medical schools of the teaching of anything natural that would challenge their “pill for every illness” model, and similarly attack/quash anything that actually works when it emerges.

The greatest mistake people can make is to think that Pharma is part of the Health Industry. It isn’t. It’s an illness industry based on the idea that a cured patient is a lost customer whether they pay directly for private medical care, or through taxes for state medical care like the NHS. It’s a cash cow for the big investors, and as Patrick Woods explains, the whole financial Ponzi scheme is set up to launder this money for the benefit of the elite with the Bank for International Settlement sitting on the top of the collapsing pyramid.

Where this relied heavily on the war machine to keep the financial wheels of corruption spinning round, I believe the plan is to shift this across to Pharma - and vaccines primarily because of their protected status and the ability to be used in every individual on the planet in theory.

Where there's the stench of globalism, it should be no surprise that the WEF is in on it too. The blog title picture is modified from one used on the WEF website for a “guest” publication by the President of InfoSys on how business can help overcome vaccine hesitancy. No doubt he wrote this with the digital identity and social scoring system his company developed under the leadership of Rishi Sunak’s father-in-law in mind, that is now in use in China and India. Those who chose health over jabs there were no doubt given restrictions to coerce them into going against their pro-human right choice. We need to keep our eye on the ball for any such system introduction here into the UK given our new PM’s family ties to InfoSys.

Coming back to the main topic in question, I wonder how many of the "pro-vaccination doctors" who have taken their red pill and spoken out against the COVID jabs will review their understanding of the more traditional vaccines? Whilst their blind support for vaccination in the past might ironically lend greater credibility in the eyes of some when they speak out against the COVID jabs now, it reveals how little they understood or delved into the other vaccinations before. Maybe their censorship and the character assassinations that they have had to endure will ring bells over the treatment of Dr Andrew Wakefield and other doctors who have spoken out, and lead them to wonder whether past censored/suppressed doctors were as genuine in their outspokenness against childhood and flu vaccines etc as they are now against the COVID jabs? We can but hope they investigate further.

Turtles all the way down goes through all the myths associated with vaccination, such as how they are responsible for our better health now, when the reality is that clean water, better sanitation and more widely available antibiotics had already improved our lot well before vaccines came along. as the following graphs show.

Polio is often held up as an example of vaccine success, but as Dr Suzanne Humphries explains here, it’s what they want us to believe rather than what actually happened. Dr Humphries did an excellent lecture and exposé of vaccines in 2015 that is available to view in 2 parts under the title “Manufactured Consent” listed in the references. It includes her road to Damascus wake up about vaccines and her subsequent analysis of the flu vaccines that have been pushed for years despite various Cochrane Reports concluding that they make no statistically significant difference to hospital admissions or deaths. As Dr Mike Yeadon recently pointed out, both the vaccine manufacturers and policy/decision-makers within the NHS must know this, but still they spend £m of our UK tax-payers money on flu jabs every year, plus however many more £m again in salaries and wasted time within the NHS advising on and administering them, and consequently damaging the immune system and kidneys of the recipients in the process.

If you’re wondering why I think there is a plan to shift the financial laundering towards Pharma vaccines then it’s no conspiracy theory. As with many other agendas I and others have been calling out, it’s all out there in plain sight.

Immunization Agenda 2030

Immunization agenda 2030 aims to increase routine vaccination programs worldwide to 500. The total is only 167 at the time of writing which explains the incessant push of currently available vaccines, the pressure to introduce more, and the need to get them accepted into childhood programs because that is what creates the immunity from prosecution for adverse reactions across all age groups; it has nothing to do with health, and as we've already seen the lives of children are but pawns in their game.  You can see from the dedicated website that it is WHO-linked (ie heavily Bill Gates influenced) with the declared aim to stop 50m deaths per year, which sounds like an admirable target, although it sounds very low to me relative to the numbers who die from poor sanitation and hunger. Surely the amount spent on developing vaccines would go a long way to stopping these much bigger killers, but of course they don't bring in the ROI revenue...

Of course, injecting the children with vaccines has a far greater reason than just “saving lives”. It indoctrinates them to repeat the exercise when they are parents and creates a trust in Pharma that they will turn to when they get their increased incidence of asthma, allergies and whatever else the vaccines initiate cumulatively over time. It is as much an investment as Bill Gates “donations” to the WHO and GAVI are. Let’s not forget also that it was such a WHO tetanus vaccination program that was used as a cover to chemically sterilize girls in Kenya using WHO-developed technology that created antibodies against their own hormones. It wasn’t restricted to Kenya as this document explains

What else has been developed behind the scenes and is planned for wider use? Kenya and other “poor” countries yesterday, but the UK when? When there have been targets set for 90-95% world depopulation by the Georgia Guidestones, Ted Turner and other eugenicists in open view, don’t for a moment think that doesn’t extend to the West, including the UK.

If there was any doubt about the money motivation behind Pharma and Pfizer, the announcement that the price of their COVID jab is going up a factor of roughly 4 times from $30 per dose to $110-130 each should dispel them. Although announced in the USA, I don’t for a millisecond consider this won’t be worldwide. Bear in mind that many western Governments paid huge sums to Pfizer and other COVID jab manufacturers to develop and speed through these experimental gene therapies. Not only did our tax money pay towards development but the fast-track process saved the manufacturers even more money on trials (incomplete), trial participants (volunteers) and time to recoup what investment they had put in themselves. They have sold huge numbers of jabs on the back of falsified safety and efficacy, and announced huge profits – based on the lower pre-rise price. From Pfizer's $9.1bn profit in 2020, sales of their COVID jab plus Paxlovid and other heart treatment drugs etc that are used to treat adverse reactions boosted their profits in 2021 to $81.3bn, with estimates around $100bn expected for 2022. Apart from bonuses to staff, and dividends to investors, no doubt there will be much further investment in new mRNA jabs and vaccines that authorities have promised will be fast-tracked through approval, knowing that there is a global target of 500 programs, each for millions of victims, to stoke the profits even higher at the health and financial expense of the masses.

The money racket stops when we the people stand up and say no more. Maybe the silver lining of the last 2 years is the revelation to many who blindly believed all is well, that there is an elite class perfectly represented by the WEF, who believe they know what’s best for you and me that requires that we own nothing, and they safeguard their own position by owning everything and controlling us all. The question now is what will you do with this information?


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