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Thanks for browsing my library of 1 book (so far!) that I have authored and narrated to date. I don't know if one book is sufficient to be termed a library, but I don't care! It is now!   I am anticipating maybe writing and narrating more books depending on how successful my first book The EMF Bible becomes.

The EMF Bible is initially available as an audiobook that you can listen to all the way through or selectively, in chapters one by one. I would advise listening at least once to all the chapters in order, as the earlier ones lay the foundation for helping to understand the later ones. You don't necessarily have to listen to it all the way through in one go!  You can then revisit the chapters you find more interesting and/or are most relevant to you. There is a FREE supplementary pdf that includes relevant diagrams and charts that will help your understanding when listening, although the book has been written and narrated as a stand-alone piece of literary excellence that somebody may decide to nominate for a Pulitzer Prize in a drunken stupor!! This pdf also contains a substantial list of references that I don't necessarily advise you look up, but just acknowledge exists to support the content.

I decided to launch my book here on my website rather than on an established audiobooks platform such as Amazon Audiobooks because the deal they offer is ridiculously poor, and I hope you'd rather fund me than Mr Bezos, who quite frankly has more than enough money already and that he uses to fund decidedly dodgy individuals and organisations in my opinion. The Audiobooks deal on offer is that they would set the price - primarily based on the time it takes to listen rather than any appreciation of the knowledge, research and effort that has gone into writing it, and then recording and editing it to their standards at my expense. For the privilege of selling my work they would take 60% if I gave them exclusivity and 75% if non-exclusive. As a UK author I would only be paid quarterly, as opposed to monthly if I lived in the USA.  I have monthly bills to pay as much as anybody in the USA and I don't feel like supporting this nationalistic BS. I'm all for supporting your national team and buying local etc, but when it comes to paying what's due, just pay up in a timely fashion to everybody regardless.

Browse my title below! You can either click through to buy straight away, or if you'd like to find out more about what the different chapters are and a brief description of what they cover, then follow the  "find out more..." link.  When you have bought my book you will be sent a link with login details that give you access to a members-only page where you will be able to stream and listen to my dulcet tones reading my book.  I hope you find it interesting, informative and the right balance of science for those who are more scientifically educated, but accessible to those who are more talented in other directions, but who want to understand a bit more.



The EMF Bible

The complete guide to understanding EMFs, 5G and how to protect yourself
GBP £16.00

Roger's expertise and understanding of how EMF frequencies can be positively utilised to heal provides unsights into how uncontrolled EMFs can negatively impact us, our pets, and everything around us too.

Roger also asks the questions that nobody in Governments, Telecoms or Regulatory bodies seem able or want to answer, but that we need to know the answers to.

Roger's Library

Book data:

Word Count: 30,234 (not including references)

Chapters: 16

Audiobook duration: 3hrs 16 mins

Narrator: Roger


"Wow, yes I mean WOW! This is the first time I have been able to find all the information about EMF's in one book. It is long, but I hope other people enjoy listening to it throughout too, and then dip back into different chapters. It is well worth the price. I'm looking forward to reading other reviews. It must have taken a huge amount of time and research to produce such a comprehensive volume. Thank you Roger."

- Dr Margaret Tottle-Smith Retired scientist---Geologist and Geographer also a retired Doctor

"This is amazing - well done. The damage caused by 5G and other "weapons" has damaged my eyes so much I can't read any more."

- Richard Close