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Since Roger co-authored the Open Letter of Concern with Dr Kevin McCairn to the Veterinary Medicines Directive expressing concern over mRNA use in animals that was subsequently co-signed by Dr Max Thornsberry DVM and Dr Siguna Mueller, Roger has been invited to take part in a number of podcasts and interviews. The links to these can be found below.

World Council for Health News stream #98

Roger was asked by Dr Tess Lawrie to join their General Assembly Meeting #98 on 31st July 2023 to discuss the Open Letter of Concern and the potential consequences of mass roll-out of mRNA jabs to animals, especially those destined for the various different food chains for people and carnivorous animals including our dogs and cats.

For more information on the work of the World Council for Health visit their website here. There are many interviews and resources of information.

UK Column News Interview

This interview by Debi Evans was aired on 21st Setptember 2023.

In the first of several planned interviews, Roger and Debi discuss the potential dangers of using mRNA platform products in animals, the risk to the human and carnivorous animal food chains and the potential implications for us all.

As Roger warned in one of his earlier blogs in June 2021 prion diseases are a possible result from the COVID jabs, and the increase in neurological disorders suggests its already happening. We don't need to increase this risk to all of us from our food.

Truth for Health Foundation Podcast (18.09.23)

Hedley Rees, Pharma regulations and manufacturing consultant, invited me to take part in this podcast discussion regarding the use of mRNA in animals with Dr Lee Vliet, founder of the Truth for Health Foundation.

We discuss not only the potential dangers as set out in the Open Letter of Concern, but also the manufacturing regulations and how they are being watered down to rush these products through at break neck speed without the sort of safety checks until recently thought essential to safeguard us and our animals. 

Faster is not always better, and this is a prime example of going in where angels fear to tread. 

Truth for Health Foundation Podcast (29.09.23)

In this virtual round table discussion on the latest understandings of the mRNA products, host Dr Lee Vliet is joined by Dr Mike Yeadon (immunologist and former Pfizer Chief Scientist worldwide for respiratory pharmacology and product development),  Dr Jonathan Gilthorpe (Associate Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology), Andrija Klarić (Croatian businessman, radio and TV host, and medical freedom activist) and me!

Amongst other topics, we discuss the potential implications for mRNA being found in human breast milk in relation to the dairy industry and food and supplement supplies. We also talk about the risks of this gene transfection technology being released via microbiome uptake and subsequent shedding to cause contamination into the environment, something that past laboratory regulations were very stringent about trying to avoid.

UK Column Interview No. 2

This interview by Debi Evans was aired on Thursday 26th October 2023.

In the 2nd interview with Debi, Roger talks about proper species-appropriate feeding of our pet carnivores - our dogs and cats, the ever-controversial vaccination debate for our pets, microchipping and the capture of veterinary education by vested interests.

We discuss the implications of the WHO International Health Regulation and proposed Pandemic Treaty, and how they threaten not only our rights, bodily autonomy and sovereignty, but the health of our animals too. The "One Health" agenda and the increasing attempts to blame human disease on animals has very sinister threats under-running these accusations. How do pets fit into the desired model of 15 minute cities?

Podcast interview by Dr Ahmad Malik

This podcast went live on 6th November 2023.

In our first podcast discussion, Dr Malik and Roger discuss carnivore nutrition for humans and our pet carnivores, dogs and cats. I go into some of the science that underpins CAM in terms of how everything is energy with frequency at the fundamental particle level and therefore how it makes more sense to use frequency treatments to help us back to health.

It was great how much we had in common in our world view and also our understanding about what healing actually is. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did recording it.

UK Column Interview No. 3

This podcast went live on 14th November 2023.

In the 3rd interview with Debi, Roger discusses the state of farming in the UK. We talk about the threat to small farms, the pressure exerted by the supermarkets and Government to maximise production with narrow margins.

Roger encourages both farmers and the public to find ways for consumers to buy direct so that farmers get a fairer price whilst the public can afford to buy. Farmers markets, farm shops and food cooperatives are all possible. With better margins, farmers are more able to get back to regenerative farming methods that are better for all concerned.

Truth for Health Foundation Podcast (16.11.2023)

In Dr Lee Vliet's roundtable discussion with Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Jonathon Gilthorpe and Andrij Klaric, I discuss the following paper published in September 2023. Link to the T4HF substack by clicking on image if you want to read the associated summary.

The data comes from pre-COVID records regarding the retrospective analysis of the incidence of a stroke in blood recipients years after receiving blood relative to the incidence of a stroke in their donor, years after giving that pint of blood.  Cerebral amyloid angiopathy is a common cause of stroke, so it has been suggested that the transmissable factor, guilty for causing the strokes in both donor and recipient, may be amyloid. 

Given that spike protein from SARS-CoV2 is known to be prionogenic and can increase amyloid mis-folding, and that it has been reported that both mRNA and spike protein have been detected in the body many months after infection and "vaccination" there are implications for those receiving blood transfusions from donors who have either had SARS-CoV-2 and/or the gene therapy jabs. Screening is essential.

Truth for Health Foundation Podcast (01.02.2024)

In Dr Lee Vliet's roundtable discussion with Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Jonathon Gilthorpe and Andrij Klaric, I discuss the latest developments in prion research and the implications for using mRNA in animals for the food chain, both animals and plants.

I have updated the video at the end of my blog on this topic on my Natural Healing Solutions website which you can access  via the link below. Copy/paste if your browser doesn't link through for some reason.