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StemEnhance Ultra is a scientifically proven nutritional supplement that increases adult stem cell production in the bone marrow and release into the blood circulation.  It is the main reason why I joined Cerule. I have had some amazing results with helping to speed up the healing process. When you're trying to get a soft tissue injury such as muscle, tendons and ligaments to heal the quicker it happens the less likelihood there is of the injury recurring. All too often during the healing process the injured part feels stronger than it really is and the person/animal does too much too soon.  Reducing the healing time shortens this risk period and so reduces the chances of reinjury.  There are other products that help improve circulation, joints and skin rejuvenation etc too.

You can define aging as the process that happens as our body becomes less able, and less efficient at healing and maintaining itself.  There are a number of reasons why this occurs, but ultimately it boils down to the number of adult stem cells that we release on a daily basis to maintain not only our joints but all our organs and tissues too. We are only as good as our weakest link, so it makes sense for anti-aging measures to work across the board.  With StemEnhance Ultra, the extra stem cells that are released heal more of everything that needs repair, boosts our immune system and gives us more energy as we feel better because everything is functioning better

"Everybody has stem cells; everybody uses stem cells; everybody uses stem cells every day; stem cells work, and they work every time."

- Dr Allan C. Somersall

Watch the videos below to find more about the products, the science and research behind them, what they do and how the business side works.  I would suggest trying whichever product(s) strike a chord with you.  If you like what they do and you want to join the business side then you're at least doing it from a position of knowledge and experience.  Contact me for the dose rate if you are going to use the StemEnhance Ultra for a pet or horse!

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