Nrf1 & Nrf2 activation for anti-aging

LifeVantage Company

Thanks to the innovative breakthrough research of Dr. Joe McCord, who discovered Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione and who developed the flagship Nrf2 activator known as Protandim, LifeVantage and Protandim had their moment of fame when they appeared on ABC “Primetime” in 2005.  U.S. retail sales of Protandim boomed momentarily, but the product was quickly lost again in the glut of nutraceutical products on the health store and pharmacy shelves.  Despite this brief appearance in the limelight, retail store employees didn’t have the knowledge or understanding about why Protandim stands head and shoulders above the rest, or the motivation to sell it ahead of other products.

LifeVantage® decided to remove Protandim from retail shelves and in 2009 implemented a network marketing business method better suited to Protandim distribution by people who had benefitted from it,  so they had the passion to share their's and Protandim's story. It was a new beginning for LifeVantage that has resulted in a healthy Nasdaq share price, an 87% customer retention figure that is based on real health improvements and from people fully understanding what makes Protandim different.

LifeVantage is a burgeoning science-based nutraceutical company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy living through a combination of scientifically validated products and an attractive business opportunity.


Protandim is the product that got my attention. Unlike anti-oxidant supplements where the benefits are restricted to the amount of whichever product is included, Protandim activates the Nrf2 gene which stimulates the natural production of SOD, the body's most powerful natural anti-oxidant, which works closely with Glutathione peroxidase. As we age, the production of SOD drops and the levels of inflammatory disease typically rise. Inflammation is the background to virtually every chronic and serious disease.  Switching the Nrf2 gene back on overcomes the restriction of taking anti-oxidants - the body just produces what is needed, and doesn't interfere with vital cell-signalling processes that exogenous anti-oxidants can upset. Protandim keeps inflammation under control at the level normally experience as a 20 year old, so has anti-aging properties too, as well as reducing inflammatory diseases.

Business Opportunity

Protandim isn't the only product in the Protandim range. There is also an Nrf1 synergiser which helps regenerate mitochondria formation.  There are Omega 3 and probiotic nutritional supplements plus various skin creams and hair products too.  This is an all-round biohacking range to improve health and help reduce aging, which has implications for better healing.  These days, many people are very much into image and maintaining their youthful appearance and physique. These products are central to those goals.

If you have friends who would also like to stay young, stop degeneration and make sure they have a healthy old age, then there's a business potential too.  There are price discounts for 'Preferred Customers' who don't want to earn but who recognise the health benefits and just want to use the products.  You can get this discount by committing to your month's supply being autoshipped to you every month.  Click the appropriate button below to either just buy products or to join and make some extra cash by helping to spread the word.