New World Order: History

Whilst (for many) the World Economic Forum has come to represent the Totalitarian Authoritarian regime that is being ushered in under their leader, Klaus Schwab's guidance as The Great Reset in readiness for HIS vision of how humanity should progress into the 4th Industrial Revolution, this is just the public face of a plan that dates back at least 1000 years.

Throughout history from ancient times to modern there have been tyrants and leaders who have had visions of ruling the world. They have been successful to varying degrees but have all ultimately failed. They were invariably fronted by an individual who wanted the power for himself and who led a marauding army to force his will on the masses through violence, intimidation and taxes.  In many ways not much has changed except that instead of a single character whose mix of charisma and fear led his political followers and army, it has been replaced by a group of elites who hide in the shadows, using their position within the financial and industrial complexes to exert control over those industries and Governments primarily through debt induced by wars. Typically, they lend money to Governments in charge on both sides of a war, then recoup this money through selling arms and munitions to both sides, and ultimately gain more money by owning the companies responsible for rebuilding after the destruction, having used their financial leverage as lenders to Government to obtain the contracts. This money-making scam is then repeated as necessary (as a diversion) or as desired to satisfy the greed for power and money and ensure the masses are kept enslaved to their mortgage (death debt) and struggle for survival.

The massive growth in world population alongside the success in concentrating the wealth in an ever decreasing percentage of the population has driven the need (in their psychopathic eyes) to establish tighter control before the masses revolt.  As I have pointed out in the Finance page of this Resources section of my website, the inevitable failures of successive Ponzi schemes used for financial models and the decreasing time gap between the failures means that the masses will not tolerate another crash without something much bigger to blame it on.  The development of technology that can be adapted to control the masses has now reached the point where this has become theoretically feasible. In reality, I don't believe that the technology is sufficiently ready, but the crash of the current FIAT financial system has to some degree I think forced the plan to be accelerated before the infrastructure and all the required factors are in place.  In short, they are now winging it, and hoping that the masses won't realise and rise up before the capture is complete. We must peacefully resist and refuse to join in with the plans for Digital Identity and the like.

The elite "Plan" started in the 12th Century by the formation of the Committee of 300 in Venice. There are various other groups that have emerged such as the 13 families of the Illuminati who would seem to be "approved" by the Committee of 300. What is not clear to me is whether these different groups are subsets/factions of the Committee of 300, or are separate entities, who over the years have independently built vast wealth, and through confluence of ideas and principles have evolved to have an identical purpose, common goal and a similarly corrupt modus operandi with tentacles into the highest echelons of power. 

The Story of the Committee of 300

This pdf written by Dr John Coleman in 1992, documents the more recent history of the Committee of 300. It explains who founded the Club of Rome that was responsible for choosing "Climate" as the doomsday issue behind which to unite the masses into not only accepting the loss of their rights and freedoms that they would never otherwise accept, but to actually push for them.  

Committee of 300

Bloodlines of the Illuminati

This pdf written by Fritz Springmeier in 1995 explains the history and origins of the 13 families of the Illuminati who represent some of the most powerful and well known families in the world. Some can be traced back to Italy, which would tie in with the origins of the Committee of 300 too.  Maybe by having a higher profile, the intention was to remove focus and attention from other members of the Committee of 300 who wished to stay in the shadows. 

The 13 families

The Freemasons

The Freemasons are a global secret society that everyone knows about, but few outside of its membership know all the ins and outs of how it works. It is without doubt more than a harmless old boys networking community and funny handshakes as this book written by GM Pachtler in 1875 explains.  The Secret Warfare Freemasonry against Church and State explains the strategy for undermining the authority of the church and Governments, not only in Germany where the book was written, but worldwide.  The Freemasons have infiltrated all levels of society, industry, the Forces, Police, Law and all levels of Government from local to national.  

The Plan

Whilst inherently psychopathic and sociopathic, those who have controlled the world for centuries behind the scenes clearly know exactly what they are doing. They are clearly highly intelligent and understand very much more than we realise about how the world works, but use this knowledge to their own advantage at the cost of humanity.  Just maintaining control for so long down through the generations is more than many once wealthy families have managed to achieve. Typically, the first generation work incredibly hard to establish and build the business and start of the wealth. The second generation experience and witness the struggle and hard work of their parents and carry on very much in the same ethos but can relax a bit more whilst still increasing the wealth. The third generation, having grown up only knowing the wealth and not having witnessed the struggle often fail to maintain the business whilst blowing the wealth. 

In essence the plan is very simple. Firstly, engineer a crisis to which you have already developed a solution in the background. Secondly, ramp up the fear associated with the crisis, and predict dire consequences unless a solution can be found. Using front people at appropriate levels of academia who you control via research grants and/or blackmail adds to the credibility of the predicted doom. In the modern era, using social media influencers, political correctness and shaming to back up the message ensures the younger generations, who no longer tend to rebel, will get on board. This all adds to the overall drive and the fear of standing out from the crowd that encourages some more reluctant people to be drawn along with the masses.  Lastly, offer the prepared solution alongside the "necessary" reductions in freedoms and rights, increases in taxes and whatever else you can add into the mix to ensure the masses remain grateful for their deeper incarceration into poverty, whilst wealth and control is moved over to the elite.

Global Elite Overview

This interview by James Dellingpole with Patrick Wood traces the history of various different organisations that the elite have set up over the years such as the Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, the World Economic Forum and even more universally recognised organisations such as the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO) that aren't obviously, on first cursory examination, part of the elite plan that is better known now as Agenda 2030.

Patrick Wood has been investigating their activities and warning of the looming globalist threat for many years. Few are better informed as to how these organisations link and operate and have morphed into the WEF that boasts of infiltrating Governments through their Young Global Leaders and Global Influencers progams.

Insider Information

In this interview by Alex Jones, film-maker Aaron Russo reveals everything he was told by David Rockerfeller about the globalist plans to disrupt our lives and take control using false flag "terror attacks", starting wars with foreign nations and ultimately to introduce a police state under the control of the New World Order. Aaron Russo was offered the opportunity to play his part, but turned it down.

Global Elite History and Structure

Lecture by Jacob Nordengård at Northern Light Convention, Malmo for the Scandinavian Freedom Event 2022. There is some crossover with James Dellingpole's interview with Patrick Wood but it never hurts to get confirmation and fill in a few gaps that are inevitably left in an interview compared with a prepared presentation.  Patrick Wood comes at it more from a US perspective too.

Satanic Practices

NB: Not for the faint-hearted.

In this account by Ronald Bernard given in 2018, he details how as a child he was the victim of satanic rituals and sexual abuse.  This ties in with the activitiues of Jeffrey Epstein who provided degenerate politicians, stars and whoever flew to his island with children for paedophilia. There is a whole sordid business associated with adrenochrome that is produced by and collected from the blood of children to reverse aging.  Pictures and videos were/are no doubt used as blackmail to help the elite control those in power.

How the elite take control

In 1985, Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB propogandist and defector was interviewed about the USSR's strategy to destabilise the USA and the West. Much of what he says about how the former USSR undermined the US people by demoralisation is equally applicable to how the elite maintain control over the masses, and in recent years have dumbed down education in preparation for putting their plan for the New World Order into operation with the least resistance. 

In the next page on the New World Order, I will provide the evidence for the current ongoing Plandemic saga that proves how SARS-CoV2 was a bioengineered bioweapon that was released in order to initiate mass gene transfection using the new and previously failed mRNA technology that was and is being passed off as a "vaccine" when it is nothing of the sort.