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Although this page initially started as a blog to introduce this topic (see further down), I have added more resources to it.  I now consider that the links to understanding Natural Law, Common Law, the hierarchy of law and our place as sovereign (wo)men rather than our straw person at citizen level is more important than the blog. Consequently, I have re-ordered the information.

If you arrived on this page via my blog list you can still read it below, but please acquaint yourself with the other information too. The more people who understand their rights and push for them to be upheld at every opportunity, the more people will start to question the status quo and get on board for the good of truth primarily, that serves us all. 

Natural Law

This is a nearly 9 hr long video of a presentation that Mark Passio gave in Oct 2013 on Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction (as opposed to the New Age distorted version).

Mark has a website where he has various videos and resources including all his research links that fill a 2 TB hard drive!

This is an excellent presentation that will help people understand the basis behind Common Law, and how the truth has been distorted and twisted to keep us in willing slavery to the elite. I would recommend watching it in bitesize chunks over a series of consecutive days.

Prepare to have your understanding and views challenged by Mark's hard-hitting delivery of the irrefutable truth.

Common Law

Richard Vobes interviews Ruth Skolmli, a qualified lawyer on exactly what is Common Law, the hierarchy of Law in the UK and consequently what our inalienable rights are.

She explains why and how we need to start reclaiming our rights at all levels. If we don't exercise our rights we will lose them.

Sovereign Natural Empowerment

As explained in the interview above, Ruth Skolmli has very generously put together and recorded a FREE course that she has uploaded to her website that starts to teach you what you need to know about reclaiming your inalienable rights.  Click on the picture below and you can watch Sovereign Natural Empowerment at your own speed on video. The course is in 3 parts;  The Truth (6 parts), The Deception and The Remedy.

We need enough people to learn and adopt what Ruth teaches so that we reach the critical mass whereby those in authority and members of the legal profession realise that this is real and serious, and isn't going to go away. At that point, it will encourage everyone else to take heed and join us when they realise the freedom we all already have but aren't currently claiming.

NB: Bear in mind that whilst taking this red pill is liberating, it brings with it your obligation to recognise the inalienable rights of others too, or you will face the consequences of your actions. In other words, it is NOT a licence to run amok and infringe the rights of others for your pleasure. 

Play their game against them!

Another excellent interview by Richard Vobes with Gavin from Sovereign Empowerment who explains some of the more practical steps we can use to take back our sovereignty and use their own legislation against them. Tripping them up on their own rules is a winning tactic!

Use their laws for your benefit

Forget trying to use the strawman argument in a court. I've seen people come a cropper from trying it and it doesn't work.

Gavin and Damian discuss how to beating them at their own game.

Learn to litigate

Part 2 in the series of discussion between Gavin and Damian on how you can use definitions and statutes to reclaim and protect your rights. 

If we all do it, then we all retain our sovereignty.

Its all in the interpretation

Part 3 in the series of strawman to lawman with Gavin and Damian.

If you get down to the brass tacks of the legislation you can use it to your advantage.

Gavin at Sovereign Empowerment can help you along your journey too. Click through to find out more.

Blog: Constitutional Law

This will probably be my shortest blog ever, and no doubt some will opine that it is all the better for its brevity, but I regard it as my most important blog to date when it comes to knowing our rights and how we, the people, can stop the coming globalist power grab.

In short, watch the video below that I have taken from Richard Vobes on YouTube in case it gets removed. Then visit the website I will link below the video and EDUCATE yourself on our Common Law Constitution. Only you can do this, but it is imperative that as many people as possible grasp the basics (at least) of what our rights as living human beings of the UK are.  Without this knowledge becoming widespread we are doomed, and there's precious little time.

Now that you have watched the video, go to the following websites ...

The following pdf is essential reading for all. It is a concise but detailed explanation on the British Constitution and its concealed powers of liberty. Clicking on the pdf image below opens The Occulted Powers of the British Constitution document in a new window where you can read it and/or download it to study offline:




If it doesn't download from here for whatever reason you can get it from here

Now read and learn it as best you can.... 

Share the hell out of this information, the websites listed above, and the pdf document on social media and wherever you can. We need as many people as possible to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

THE END (I told you it was short!!)


Rather than start a completely new page on the Constitution and Common Law in the Resources section of my website, it would seem to make more sense to add more videos and useful links (above and below). You can access this blog/resources page from the Resources page too for easier future reference. I advise checking back periodically to catch up on anything new.

The power is in our hands

Follow up video to the one above in my blog with Richard Vobes doing a second interview with William Keyte following the very positive response to the first one.

We can act now!

William Keyte is back by popular demand for a 3rd session, talking to Richard Vobes about the constitution and how simple the concept is when it is fully grasped, and how we can make practical difference right now.

This needs to Happen

Another in the series of interviews by Richard Vobes with William Keyte in England. This time he is joined by John Lock in Australia who gives an international perspective and information about how the Constitution is fighting back and reclaiming Natural Law.

Is our Monarch compromised?

The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort takes place on Saturday, May 6th. The King will take the Royal Oath, but will it be the correct one, or is there something else going on?

Unless King Charles distances himself from the WEF, the Great Reset et al and confirms that he will be upholding the Magna Carta 1215 and thus the freedoms of all UK citizens, he will be acting treasonably himself.

Petition of Right to the King

This is a great interview by Richard Vobes with Edward Fitzgerald who has researched and authored Smoke and Mirrors, a compendium of information about our Constitution Law, including its history and how to claim your constitutional rights, and how to petition the Monarch to hold King Charles III to account to ensure that he upholds our rights and freedoms.

Having watched the video, go to Edward's website to purchase (only £2.22 with discount code) and download your copy of Smoke and Mirrors. All the instructions for action are given in the video and the book. Read it!

Don't say that we the people are powerless and there's nothing you can do. This sets out exactly what YOU can do do.

It is your duty to yourself and everyone else to protect the rights of the citizens in your country now and going forward.

Magna Carta 1215

The following link provides both the original Latin and the English translation for each Clause along with the option of listening to a commentary about how the translation wording was decided upon.  As such it would seem to be a very accurate and academic translation that we can be reassured by and rely on. I will assimilate all the Clauses together into a single document and add it as a pdf at some point, so people can download it and read/study it and LEARN (Y)OUR RIGHTS!!!all (opens in a new window)

Bill of Rights 1688

The Bill of Rights 1688 (BoR) is a legislative Act of Parliament that established,

  1. the basis for the authority of Parliament Assembled as it still stands today,
  2. the role of the monarch and royal assent in relation to Parliament and the Government, 
  3. declares the rights and liberties of UK subjects and also
  4. sets out the succession of the throne for the current bloodline of the monarchy.

In good faith, and with the right intention I have no doubt, many people are under the mistaken belief that this Act is therefore our constitution. Whilst it is undeniably constitutional in its form and content, being constitutional no more makes it the constitution than behaving in a feminine manner makes a man a woman!

That doesn't mean that the BoR is not currently supportive of the Constitution as set out in Magna Carta 1215 and isn't relevant at all. Quite the contrary; it never hurts to back up Magna Carta 1215, and our inalienable human rights which incidentally pre-existed Magna Carta and weren't created by it - they were just officially documented in it.

The BoR is a useful tool to hold up to Parliament because Parliament can't dispute it. It's the founding Act that created the legal fiction that is Parliament Assembled. It is also a useful official reminder to Parliament that MPs sit in office on behalf of us, the people who really hold the true power over them. UK MPs and Governments are not "in power" as they like to tell us - that's obfuscation of the reality designed to make us think we answer to them and are subservient to government, when the opposite is true. The BoR also makes it clear that it is illegal for Parliament to pass laws that are to the detriment of the people. What isn't clear to me is who would make such a decision as to what is considered detrimental. What is detrimental or beneficial for one individual isn't necessarily detrimental or beneficial for another. Thus, our individual inalienable rights must allow us to make that decision for ourselves in each individual situation, and nobody should be able to be legally forced to do to themselves something that they consider to be harmful, and certainly not without the fully informed consent as set out at Nuremberg when it comes to a medical procedure. 

The bottom line in the argument as to whether the BoR supersedes Magna Carta 1215 is ultimately decided by the fact that Clause III within the BoR states that it is inferior to Magna Carta 1215, and recognise that it cannot be amended because it pre-existed Parliament and is founded on the higher hierarchical level of Common Law rather than Legislative Law. These 2 facts together undermine and invalidate any subsequent claim in the BoR or any other Act that any aspect of Magna Carta 1215 has been repealed or amended. Although Parliament has tried on a number of occasions to amend that Magna Carta 1215, it simply doesn't have the authority to do so. Whatever Act or Magna Carta 1215 amendment Parliament has "passed" is fundamentally illegal and treasonous by definition. It cannot happen, and that is why we must always refer back to that which cannot be changed EVER, otherwise we are vulnerable to having the rug being pulled out from underneath us at the whim of future legislation. 

The oath of allegiance contained within the BoR states 

"And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme."

We can use this to rebut any outside directives from the World Health Organization or similar. However, I suspect that Parliament will claim it has neutralised/circumvented this by enacting any such future WHO declarations in their own right. We should expect this given the illegal activities by Parliament by the provisions that were put in place by the "emergency" Coronavirus Act 2020. The fact that William of Orange was himself a foreign prince, potentially enables a legal challenge to this BoR clause, or else could be argued to invalidate the BoR 1688 in itself, which reinforces the importance of maintaining the position of Magna Carta 1215 as our one and only Constitution.

Whilst there are also clauses within the BoR that say it can't be altered or repealed without first dissolving Parliament because it is its founding source of authority, the fact that there is a legal process which could theoretically be followed is a potential weakness that could lead to the BoR being amended at some point in future, if such a position were to be engineered. Whilst this potential exists, however unlikely we may think it might be now, it is another reason NOT to rely on BoR 1688, but instead to base all claims of rights on Magna Carta 1215.

There is another potential Catch 22 situation that surrounds the penning of the Bill of Rights 1688 that might potentially enable it to be challenged. At the time the BoR was constructed, neither the status of the monarchy nor the authority of Parliament or the BoR authors were legally established - everything being set out by the BoR! From one perspective, until the BoR was enacted, Parliament didn't exist as a legal fiction entity, and thus didn't have the legal authority to enact its own legal authority!! It could be argued that prior to democratic elections, Parliament had no authority to assume it had the consent of the people to act on their behalf either, and the enactment of it was therefore unlawful at the time! It's an argument that could go round in circles for a long time.

I think it is essential therefore to rely on and refer to Magna Carta 1215 as our true Constitution, although there will be some who will always try to challenge its validity no doubt too!

The best $249 you will ever spend on legal advice!

Dr Frederick Graves is a lawyer with over 40 years experience of using the Law as it was properly intended. He will teach you what need to know to be able to understand the Law and where to find it, and how to navigate the courts and legal process so that you can win without having to engage expensive lawyers and barristers. 

Although based in the USA, many of the techniques and understanding that he teaches is equally applicable in the UK, because our legal systems have the same basis. In many cases, just asking the right questions and demonstrating that you know your rights and the Law will be enough to achieve your desired end result without even having to go to court.

Click on the image above to find out more.

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