Bradbury Pound

The financial system has been corrupted pretty much since the year dot when the desire for money just for greed's sake became a goal in itself.  One of the first financial cheats was to shave bits of gold/silver off multiple coins to counterfeit a new one, but schemes got significantly more elaborate and centralised as time went on!! To be clear, money itself is not evil - it is how money is used that can either be for good, or for evil. The ability to abuse money and serve greed very much depends on how the system that determines how money functions is set up too. When all money was based on gold and had to be asset-backed ie the physical gold had to exist to same value of the notes, virtual money that is created simply by printing money or writing it into an asset balance based on a promise to repay it simply wasn't possible.

Wealth can only be generated by capitalism, but it needs to be well structured to ensure there is reward where it is deserved, which incentivises people to be innovative and resourceful, but without exploiting others and denying them their quality of life too. It is possible. History shows us that Socialism which ultimately leads to Communism simply doesn't work in real life. Repeating what has already failed will not make it work any better in future.

The whole financial system has been set up by financiers who built in self-serving loopholes. Consequently, they have the insider knowledge as to how to make the system and money work to their own ends in order to create vast wealth at the expense, and to detriment of the rest of us. Whilst everybody has the right to earn and accumulate wealth, with wealth comes greater responsibility too. That doesn't mean that the workers should graft to support those who choose not to, or that those who work harder shouldn't have the freedom to earn more, but I believe that everybody has the right to keep sufficient earnings before tax that covers their basic living requirements for healthy food, clean water, accommodation, utilities etc at least. It seems to me that this amount will not necessarily be uniform across the board, and so to try to fit every individual into the same scenario will inevitably fail.  House prices and rent varies according to location, family size and other variables. Ideally, individuals should not be taxed at all, and there is no need to unless it is to exert control. I see no reason why industries that operate within a country should not pay sufficient tax such that all public expenditure is covered.  Rather than tax businesses on "profits" that clever accountants work out how to get around and reduce the tax bill to far lesser amounts, corporate tax should be based on business turnover within the country they are operating. This figure cannot be manipulated in quite the same way, and it negates the practice of businesses registering in tax havens too. If all businesses paid their way in every country within which they operate, and citizens had a far greater say in how tax revenue money is used rather than allow lobbying and cronyism to dictate where Ministerial budgets are spent, then everybody would be that much better off and happier. People would be free to spend their money on whatever they liked, which in turn ultimately benefits business. Unfortunately, our current system isn't set up this way, and it was a distant Rothschild banker who stated that the current corrupt system would always survive because only those who are benefitting from it fully understand it and thus wouldn't want to slay the goose that is laying the golden eggs.

In the meantime, the rest of us need to get up to speed with how the current Ponzi scheme operates. When the gold standard was removed so that currencies were no longer asset-backed, it freed the way for money to be created by a debtor's promise to repay a mortgage/loan simply by moving numbers between columns on the spreadsheet, and other underhand practices. To be clear, when you supposedly borrow money from a bank or financial institute, they do not have that money physically sitting around to lend. Your promise to repay the money with interest creates a financial instrument that enables them to write that total into the assets. They are allowed to "lend" up to 9 times the value of the asset column.  You pay "interest" on money that your signature created and that never existed before. Why should we have to pay interest, often at exorbitant rates?  There should be a set charge for the amount borrowed and that's all. It is interesting to note that the Koran forbids the charging of interest on money lent, and Jesus famously overturned the money-lenders tables....

How many people are aware that the City of London is not part of the UK, or that the Federal Reserve in the USA is a private bank? 

How many wars of past decades and centuries were initiated to enable the installation of certain influences on the boards of the national banks? Although many European National banks were nationalised after WW2, many other national banks remain private institutions no doubt with the same few families controlling the boards of all, either in plain sight or behind the scenes.  Although technically State-owned, the Bank of England still retains a board of non-Government Directors and is free from day to day interference from whoever is in the office of Government. They are supposed to operate in the interests of the UK citizens yet have created massive inflation by the practice of "quantitative easing". It would be called counterfeiting, which is illegal if you or I did it! They oversee the FIAT Ponzi Scheme in the UK that is controlled worldwide via the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). The financial system has reached a point where either the banks will have to introduce negative interest rates, or hyper-inflation, neither of which are viable. They know that another massive banking collapse so soon after the last in 2008/9 would not be tolerated by the public, especially as the Government bail-out system used then has been legally replaced by a saver bail-in system (video explanation below).

Wars have been used throughout history to generate wealth for these rich parasites through lending to the countries involved, frequently on both sides of the conflict. Wars tend not be fought in quite the same way as before given the advances in technology. Past World Wars served a dual purpose in significant population control too, but with advancements in robotics there is the prospect that even that will be significantly reduced. I suspect that the intention is to shift from a war-driven economy to a Pharma-based one with the mRNA jabs enabling every inhabitant on the planet to become a revenue pot with new/booster jabs being added to the various "vaccination" programmes as they wish.  The current immunity of vaccine manufacturers from prosecution is a key factor in enabling such a policy without fear of retribution from Pharma's perspective. 

As well as a total revision of the financial framework and how public money is raised, an equally urgent overhaul of our understanding and delivery of healthcare is way overdue too.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

CBDC deserves a section all to itself because I think there are many misunderstandings about what it is and what it can potentially enable, some beneficial but others not. Even when I thought I understood the potential dangers to humanity and our freedoms that CBDC represents, I hadn't fully appreciated the full extent of this threat. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks/thought I understood it but actually only partly did so. There may well be other aspects I haven't yet appreciated that I will add on in due course as I learn more. 

You could argue that much of what goes on in the financial sector is already digital currency, and in many ways you'd be correct. Online banking, credit cards, banking apps are all ways where transactions seem to occur in the digital arena already. However, they are not the same as what would happen with CBDC for a number of reasons. Giving the impression to those who don't look too closely to be the same is how the BIS and Central Banks especially want it to look in the hope that mass opposition to CBDC will be prevented because people think it's just an extension of what already happens. Once you understand the process of using your credit card and online transactions in a bit more details you will realise the important differences with what is intended.

Currently, if you use your credit card or do an online transfer to pay for something this creates a record of the transaction so that your account can be debited, and the vendor can be credited. Whilst this may appear to happen instantaneously, it doesn't - that's just the digital record of the transaction. Behind the scenes, all the banks and credit card issuers keep a cumulative ledger of all the customer transactions that occur between them all, and once a day there's a divvy-up and settlement of the overall balance of transactions between all the different financial institutions. Whilst an individual record of the loss/gain in each individual account must be noted and kept to update statements and balances, information about each individual transaction is largely anonymous.

As explained in one of my blogs and the explanatory video below, the BIS has announced that it intends to have a global digital currency as well as individual country's CBDCs. Not only will "money" be digitalised, but all assets will be tokenised too. This includes things like your house. The danger with having all financial assets and "money" digitalised is that it enables them to be manipulated and programmed. 

For the same everyday transaction you currently carry out with your credit card or phone app, the whole process will be dealt with on an individual basis in real time. To begin with whilst people get used to the switch, the whole process probably won't look much, if any different from now. However, when people have learned to like the instantaneous nature of transactions including potentially the purchase of a house, then the controls will start to come in. No doubt there will be a push to remove cash from circulation because those transactions are truly anonymous, and they don't want that any more.  CBDC could be programmable so that you are only allowed to spend your money on what the Government deems suitable. This might be determined by what they consider to be healthy or according to some other criteria to do with climate, carbon credits or how resistant or compliant you are to new woke thinking etc. There could be time constraints placed on a certain proportion of your CBDC so that you are obliged to spend it before it expires. This would enable a certain degree of control on spending that they could use to try to control inflation for example. Taxes could be deducted from each transaction. 

Those who are deemed dangerous dissenters could be fined for social media posts, for a bad report from a neighbour, for the politically incorrect content of the gallery or messages/emails on your phone, laptop, or whatever other digital device you have. Drivers could receive speeding fine deductions in real time based on your satnav and/or car being linked to the Internet of Things. I'm sure you can think of other possibilities where the constant surveillance that cameras, microphones, and other tech afford (including those of your phone, smart TVs, your Alexa or equivalent etc) can be used to remove our privacy, rights, and freedoms. They try to tell us that although CBDC can enable this, in reality they have no intention of using our data in this way. Yet at other times they point out the benefits (to them) of being to do such monitoring. When China already has such a Social Scoring system complete with fines and penalties as suggested, and is the apparent darling of the WEF, UN, WHO and other globalist organisations, we cannot afford to trust that such abuse of CBDC wouldn't occur, whether soon, or more years into the future. History teaches us that when freedoms are relinquished, they aren't returned and inevitably increase. We must learn from history and stop this before it starts, or at least ensure there are other ways we can function.

Apart from direct bartering which has its own limitations, the best solution I've heard is to form local banks for local people that stays out of the CBDC system. Germany has had such a banking infrastructure for many years which has sustained local industries and looked after local interests. This is something we need to push and set up as soon as possible. It is legal and needs relatively little cash backing to get it off the ground from what you might think. It needs some wealthy individuals in all areas who value our freedoms to come forward and take up the baton.

Watch the videos!

The following videos and links will help you understand the current financial situation, and maybe some possible solutions such as a return to asset-back money and the issue of the Bradbury Pound (title picture) and local banking. I will keep adding to these as a find them, so keep checking back on a regular basis. Bear in mind I am not a financial advisor or qualified economist, so opinions expressed are my own, and any measures you take with your own finances as a result of anything you read here should only be taken after you have completed your own due diligence and taken qualified advice. 

When Stock Markets are crashing and inflation is soaring, many wealthy people will shift their money into precious metals such as gold and silver. With  the ongoing collapse of the banking system in readiness to usher in the impending CBDC, and the uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies it wouldn't be the worst strategy in the world to hedge your bets and put some savings into one or more precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium. BullionVault is a 24/7 online bullion service who give you the best market prices for private purchases. They have regularly received 5 star reviews within the financial press over quite a few years to give you confidence that they are bona fide. They can hold your bullion to keep it safe. They give you the option to have your bullion held at different locations around the world, or you can withdraw and hold it yourself.

You can link through to them here or by clicking on the image below.

BullionVault link

Bullion Vault

BullionVault is the world's largest online investment gold service taking care of £2.9 billion for more than 100,000 users. It is part-owned by both GBIT and Augmentum Fintech plc.

Buy your gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium 24/7 online and in confidence that it is kept safe and secure in your chosen bonded facility in one or more different locations around the world. You can also withdraw your physical bullion and hold it yourself if you so choose.

Prices are the most competitive that I managed to find which is ideal for the private investor who isn't buying large quantities.

All Wars are Banker's Wars

If you thought wars were started for political reasons you are less than half right. The facts suggest that wars are started when the financial monopoly and control by the elite is threatened by a leader who quite justifiably wants to get out of the current debt-based rat race for their counry and people.

Some of what you hear will no doubt shock you, but you can read it all at your own speed and see documentary evidence here.

How banks work

An informative video on how banks work including how Germany differs in having very much more localised banks that didn't need bailing out as a suggestion for how UK banking should perhaps be organised in future going forward.

Bank Bail-in Policy

After the 2008/9 banking bail-out when banks were saved from collapse as a result of their own greed by Governments, banks changed their policy so that they can now legally seize assets from the accounts of savers.  Beware keeping amounts larger than the Government guarantee in your savings account and consider spreading your additional savings around different banks to at least minimise your exposure and potential losses, if not eradicate them altogether. 

The Great Taking

No doubt you've heard the WEF phrase "You'll own nothing and be happy." which means that what you have and think you own will be taken away from you and owned by the global State or elite globalists who intend to own everything and run the show.

As this video explains, you don't own and control what you think you do already. Your assets have already been passed on and are held by the Bank of International Settlements. It's all be done "legally". In fact, the Law has already been tested in the USA and upheld.

Cash v CBDC

The head of the Bank for International Settlements explains the official banking view of cash and what Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could be used to monitor and control your spending.

Smart Money

This docu-animation explains how CBDC differs from cash in terms of keeping your anonymity and rights compared with the social scoring facility that people will open themselves up to in exchange for the "convenience" of CBDC. It's the thin end of the wedge of a slippery slope into slavery and authoritarian control - just like the head of the BIS says is important. People need to reject Digital Identity as the pre-requisite for enabling this eventuality.

Mastercard surveillance

Mark Moss explains how Mastercard have already developed the capability to monitor and limit your purchases based on their carbon footprint. It's currently a voluntary program, but air travel companies and some supermarkets are already adding carbon footprint information to products that indicate that what I am warning about on this page is already starting to happen. Others will no doubt feel obliged to follow suit, and legislation may well make such labelling compulsory in the not too distant future as the Climate Change BS narrative is used to justify taking away our freedoms.    

Bradbury Pound

Justin Walker of the British Constitution Group explains his insider knowledge as to how the financial system is set up, and how re-issuing the Bradbury Pound would return the UK to an asset-backed currency that controls inflation and keeps our cash and rights protected.  Download Justin's pdf on Sovereign money and the Bradbury pound below.pdf.png

The Financial Coup d'état Explained

Catherine Austin Fitts is the president of Solari, Inc., publisher of the Solari Report, and managing member of Solari Investment Screens, LLC. (formerly Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.) Catherine served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. She is highly qualified to comment on the financial system and warns about the CBDC based on her insider knowledge.

Serfdom is Upon Us

Doug Casey is a top financial analyst who warns us that CBDCs may be with us this year despite banks like the Bank of England projecting for 2030, despite the fact that the UK Government job advertisement for the head of CBDC closed on 08/02/23 and its Digital Identity Consultation closes on 01/03/23 which rather seems to be putting the cart before the horse. Expect Digital Identity to be launched in the UK in the not too distant future - maybe even in 2023.

Daniela Cambone's financial YouTube Channel Stansberry Research has regular interesting interviews on all aspects of this sector and is well worth subscribing to IMO.

How Central Banks Are Looking To Make You a Slave

Greg Mannarino, founder of and financial strategist explains that central banks are deliberately killing the economy to facilitate the shift to CBDC, and people aren't waking up quickly enough. He suggests some alternative strategies for holding your wealth.

The CBDC Cage

When evaluating anything new it is good practice to check if there is anything the same, similar or parallel already in existence.  When it comes to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) we can look to Nigeria who introduced their CBDC a couple of years ago on 2021.

Whilst some might argue that the UK wouldn't allow such practices, it demonstrates how CBDC could be used to force out cash and enforce mandates and total control. When such functionality is created, it means that CBDC is a unit of permission, nothing more, nothing less. However much you think you will be allowed to spend your CBDC on whatever you want in future, it is the presence or absence of the cage that determines whether you're captive or not, not the distance between the prison walls.

Global CBDC from BIS warning

The BIS published a report detailing its intention to establish a global CBDC that will tokenise all your assets. The WEF prediction that you will own nothing and be happy springs to mind, although nobody who fully understands can possibly be happy about their intentions.

Crucial Financial and CBDC understanding

Great interview and discussion by Ivor Cummins and Professor Richard Werner who first came up with the idea of quantitative easing, but not in the situation it has been used by central banks.

When somebody as highly qualified as he describes CBDC as a threat, you'd better take note.