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Network Marketing

Network Marketing, aka MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) has a bad name in the UK, unlike in the USA where it is popular and is big business.  Contrary to what some people call it, it is not Pyramid Selling which is illegal.  If you look at businesses objectively, virtually every company is structured the same whether it is MLM or not. There are always a few of the top executives, more in management and then a larger number of workers. The difference with MLM is that they don't all go to work in the same building, they are effectively self-employed, and financial reward comes from hard work rather than just having been employed at a certain pay grade where some work hard, and others don't but they all get the same money, and pay rises are down to the employer and not under your own control and destiny.  If you take a look at how the Cerule business works you can see that significant income is possible.  People are doing it....

Those who are founders of any business always do best. Even then, if the graft isn't done, someone who comes in further down a network who works harder can still make more money than those higher up.  In many ways, MLM is fairer because you usually get rewarded for your hard work.  I got involved in some MLMs very early, on such as Telecom Plus, but the idea that people would use anybody other than BT for telephony was completely new and alien which made it very hard work!  Nowadays, people shop around for every utilty and don't think twice of changing.  From my perspective, an MLM has to be ethical or I'm not interested.   This means that the products in the range must ultimately benefit the end consumer.  How much revenue, if any, someone wants to make doing the business side is then up to the individual, but also relies on their ability to market the products and business. Just because someone joins a Network, doesn't guarantee success without putting the effort in.

I think the main issue that many people have is that many MLMers too frequently pester their friends and family to the point where they are no longer welcome because they don't take the hint that you're not interested.  Being a vet, I have often been approached by people wanting me to join their team to sell various supplements etc as if they somehow think I'm going to make them a fortune!  People can get very protective about their products and their business too, but that's understandable because their income relies on it.

The only reason I join an MLM is for the products and/or service on offer.  The business aspect is a potential bonus only, and not essential.  The products must offer something unique that supports and improves my clinical work and provides a genuine benefit, or in the case of 7K Metals, offers products and services that I think will be very useful in future when CBDC has been brought in, as I think is now inevitable .  It has to be something that I would consider using for myself, or Boots.  If I'm not prepared to use the benefits, how can I expect anybody else to?!  That doesn't mean that I'm averse to adding income if people want to do the business side of things for a product/service they find works really well for them.  If something makes a big difference to your health or your wealth, I can see why you would want to share your experience and help others.   If people want to sign up for any of these products/services to earn some extra money then that's great.  Ultimately, it's up to you how much or how little you want to get involved and do on the networking front.  I'll always offer support but I'll never push you to do something you clearly aren't interested in.

The sub-pages that you can access via the panels below are different businesses that have products I am happy to endorse.  I promote them because they offer something I cannot get from anything else.  If you like the sound of one and want to get involved, I'm more than happy to answer any questions and provide some support. If you like the products but aren't interested in earning, and just want to buy, that's fine too.  For some products it is possible, and pays, to register as a "Preferred Customer" to get a cheaper buying price so that delivery is automated.  This means you don't run out by forgetting to order.   Autoship for Cerule has a minimum period of 3 months I think where you are committed to purchase, so check before you commit if this is something you are happy to do. LifeVantage doesn't have a minimum period at the time of writing, but check the current situation before you commit .  Alternatively, you can buy from my online store - it's up to you....

For 7K Metals the picture below takes you to my blog where I discuss the whole issue of incoming CBDC, the potential for Social Scoring, and how this membership business not only allows you to build up some wealth in bullion and collectable coins over time, but also allows you top keep it off grid in a Sound Money Wallet that you can use to trade with other members outside of the CBDC for everyday items. There is earning potential for referrals too.