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The following projects have found me! I didn't set out to find them, but having gotten involved, I am keen to do my best to see that they are developed and used to solve some significant world problems that currently exist.  The current world depopulation agenda is not necessary if proper resources are brought to bear, and suppressed and under-utlised technologies are made available for the greater good.

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PerformanceDrink has been available at the elite athlete level for over 20 years, primarily in the USA.  It started out being used by drivers and riders across almost disciplines in Motor Sport where fatigue, cognitive function and speed of reactions have split-second impacts on lap times, especially motocross on rough terrain.   Incremental lap time gains over the course of long races in particular will make the difference between being on the podium or not, with obvious implications for wins, titles and sponsorship, not to mention the fact that a driver/rider who is more alert and less fatigued is safer on track for everybody.

PerformanceDrink has also been used at the top levels of Ironman, NFL, Rowing, Gymnastics, NBA, Pro Golf, Track Cycling and many more.  It contains nothing that would cause an athlete to fail a Dope Test according to WADA Regulations.  There are different formula drinks for different sports, and even for different positions within a single sport.  Formulator, Paul Booth, whose brainchild this concept is, realised that the body requires different energy delivery profiles according to the type of sport being undertaken.  For example a lineman blocker needs brute explosive strength to stop opponents sacking the quarterback. The quarterback needs more stable mental focus to see the play and decide the best one before doing it.  In the first instance the lineman needs energy delivery to the muscles; whereas the quarterback needs more to the brain.  Not only has Paul recognised this difference in energy profile requirements, he also knows how to supply the energy in order to deliver the right energy availability correctly apportioned to the brain and/or muscles according to the activity.  Consequently a single drink can stabilise blood glucose for up to 3 hours - more than enough time for the vast majority of sports, other than full Ironman, in which case they just have another.  Such is the difference PerformanceDrink makes to performance without spiking insulin as the vast majority of other drinks do that athletes are paying anything from $100 per drink upwards and more if Paul personalises the formulation for the individual athlete to their individual requirements within their chosen sport.

After providing sufficient energy such that no athlete has been able to out-perform PerformanceDrink, Paul realised that oxygen was the next limiting factor.  Paul subsequently worked out how to deliver more oxygen to the muscles and brain too, just using water.  His oxygen-rich Nano-water ensures athletes remain within their aerobic respiration zone when others are switching to anaerobic performance, which builds up lactic acid.  This maintained concentration of cellular glucose and oxygen in the cells also ensures cellular hydration and prevents typical rises in core body temperature that larger athletes such as linesmen experience.  PerformanceDrink has been published in the International Journal of Sport, and the Journal of Athletic Enhancent that proves it delivers these benefits.

The next development will be to formulate and launch a version of PerformanceDrink suited for the amateur athletes and weekend warriors to train and use for competition at a price comparable to other so-called sports drinks.  Of course the benefits are equally performance-enhancing in daily life whether for cognitive function in the boardroom, school, etc, or physical manual work.  It also has humanitarian uses in emergency situations such as famine and in other world disaster situations.  Stabilising blood glucose and oxygen is also fundamental to improving health in many different disease situations too such as diabetes, asthma etc.

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Following on from his success with stabilising blood sugar and oxygen with PerformanceDrink and the Nano-water, Paul was challenged to see if he could achieve a comparable effect with growing plants.  True to form, Paul developed Nutribrix in various different formulations.   Results have been nothing short of astounding provided growers follow the easy instructions!  Yields have increased over 100% in some cases, with increased nutrient readings too.  The faster grow can also shorten crop cycles, thereby allowing farmers to either add cycles or produce more food per day/week.  Stronger plants are more resistance to disease and pestilence meaning that farmers can use less, agrochemicals, or evn stop using them altogether.  This offsets the cost of Nutribrix, produces healthier food and is less damaging to the environment. It's a win-win all round if farmers could only see further than the initial cost, and recognise that it pays for itself many times over.

Nutribrix is best applied from the time seeds are planted through propagation into being young plants ready to plant out.  As with anything, the best start in life sets the strongest foundation for future growth and crop yields.  Plants are enabled to utilise concentrations of nutrients they would otherwise find too much. They grow fast, with strength and exceptional root development, as this video shows.

If you are a propagator or grower of any crop, from license medical marijuana through to vegetables, fruit, herbs or mushrooms etc then get in contact with me.  We have microbials that will improve your soil based using 1269 different soil microbes that will eliminate soil pollution.  It can also be used on sewage to generate pathogen-free compost and fertilizer. 

The Nano-water is ideal and outperforms oxygen stones for aquaponics.  This technology has the potential to help solve the future food shortages by making vertical growing systems for shoots etc which is a far more efficient use of space as well as being cost-effective. 

If you have the vision and contacts to really make a difference to future food production here and abroad, we want to hear from you. Thank you.

Gravity Manipulation

Gravity manipulation has the potential for all sorts of new technologies and industries from free energy to new methods of travel. 

Spinning disks of a certain construction release gravitons that can be directed for propulsion, or other work.  There are many application to this technology, however we want to ensure they are restricted to those that help humanity and progress the world.  Interested parties looking to develop weapons etc have already been turned down.  We are looking for a significant investment and backer who wants to leave a legacy to the world. Is that you, or do you know someone who would be interested?  If so, please contact me. For reasons I'm sure are obvious, I can say no more here.

The video below is a very crude demonstration of what is possible with spinning disks.