Roger works as a Holistic Veterinarian, Human Practitioner and Entrepreneur

Clinical Work


I work holistically as a Vet under the practice name "Natural Healing Solutions" that I set up in 2000 after I decided to go it alone and left Gould's.  I primarily treat horses and dogs although I'm happy to treat all species. Most of my work is for musculo-skeletal sports injuries (eg PSD and other ligament, tendon and muscle injuries etc) , but also allergies, cancer and those weird cases that nobody else wants and/or can't help with.  This prompted me to set up a website for these supposedly no-hope cases under the name of Last Hope Vet with the strapline "Where there's life there's hope".  This has to be within reason of course. If I can't help or it sounds as if the situation is beyond help, I'll tell you.


Given that much of the equipment I use was developed for treating people and I was trained to do that, it seemed to make sense to treat people too.  I have often found that horse riders mirror the same musculo-skeletal issues in their horse which makes sense when horse/rider are working together as a partnership.   Riders often seem to forget this and forget that looking after themselves is part of looking after their horse.  Treating both the rider and horse in parallel will often yield even better results with ongoing maintenance. 


I will often prescribe supplements and other products where appropriate that can be bought online through my online eStore.  Some of them are also available through Network Marketing for anybody interested in adding another business centre and income to their activities - details on the Networks page.

Wave Genetics

Wave Genetics is the latest addition to the advanced medical techniques I use within my clinical work, both for animals and people. Check out the short and simplified video explanation below.  This is the best foundation for any healing or anti-aging practise as it helps take you back to the healthiest point where your DNA health information started ...

Active H2

I was the first person to bring Active H2 to the UK and Europe when Hydrogen Therapy was just starting to get interest from the medical profession. There are now literally hundreds of research papers on the benefits of H2, which being the smalllest element can easily cross the Blood Brain Barrier into the Central Nervous System.

H2 has been documented to help treat a wide range of symptoms, many of which people who are suffering post SARS-CoV2 with 'Long COVID' are complaining of.

Check out the Active H2 page to find out how you might benefit from taking it.

Electromagnetic Solutions

My ongoing studies and understanding of how frequencies and energy can impact the body, cells and health led Comosystems S.L. to ask me to set up the UK and Ireland distribution for their CMO technology to mitigate for the adverse effects of electromagnetic field radiation.  There are literally thousands of research papers by independent scientists that indicate the Telecoms signals from mobile phones, tablets/laptops and WiFi etc at power levels well below those permitted under current safety legislation can cause illness.  CMO technology is proven through scientific research and published papers to return biological markers for disease and inflammation that are altered by EMFs back to normal.

Electromagnetic Solutions are excited to be bringing German TOCA products to the UK that shield your phone, car keys and credit cards from people who would like to capture and steal your data, money and car, and invade your privacy.  The various TOCA products block EMFs and thereby prevent hackers from using frequency scanners to access your data.   Phone microphone and camera widgets prevent your mobile from being used as a spy device against you.  With the intended network of 5G masts and satellites there will be no escape from constant surveillance and monitoring to capture your every move and data.  Unless you take measures to stop this happening, your acceptance will be taken as your default position.

Holistic Veterinarian Because it works...

Find out more about my holistic understanding of health, and my resultant approach to diagnosing and treating animals that has evolved over the last 20+ years. Learn about the amazing technologies that I use to treat the animals with here....

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Comosystems Scientifically proven to protect you

CMO technology from Comosystems doesn't interfere with the EMFs directly, so you don't lose functionality. It works on your cells to stop the EMFs destabilising the ion channels, thereby making all EMFs bio-compatible with you, your family and your pets.

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Last HOPE Vet Dare to Believe...

When you think all hope is lost there may be other options you don't know about or haven't considered. If solutions can't be found thinking inside the Box, you have to move and think outside it...

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Electromagnetic Solution Block surveillance, data capture and EMFs

EMS Ltd website for all types of products associated with EMF mitigation and blocking so hackers can't scan your credit cards, car keys, or steal your data, identity, car or otherwise spy on you through your mobile camera or microphone.

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