I will keep this section of my website updated with what I consider to be useful videos and links to information about what is currently going on in the World in terms of the globalist drive towards their vision of a New World Order, and resources we can use to legally resist our enslavement.

There will be pages on banking and finance, Constitutional Law and the UK Magna Carta 1215 (that everyone needs to educate themselves on to keep our freedoms), probably climate change and whatever else deserves wider appreciation and/or what people ask for.

This section will inevitably be dynamic and change. I will endeavour to keep to what I can establish is the truth at all times. This may mean that information gets replaced, and in some cases there may be information that supports both sides of the fence so that you can at least make a fully informed decision as to whether you stand on one side or the other, or sit on the fence and watch until you are persuaded as to what is true. In some cases it is very difficult to know what is true, and we must keep our minds open to changing perspective in true recognition of the scientific method of reaching conclusions.

Consequently, there is no loss of face in swapping perspective if you receive information that persuades you that a prior position is no longer supportable. We are all human and capable of errors and of not knowing both sides of the story to the same degree. We each have our own unique perspective, so be kind to those who don't share it, unless of course what someone is advocating infringes on your innate human rights and freedoms as set out under Magna Carta 1215.